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The Possum Cloak Workshop

Promote healing and cultural knowledge by bringing together the youth and elders of the Taungurung clan in a collaborative possum cloak making workshop.

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The Possum Cloak Workshop will enable the mob to come back to the original lands of their ancestors; back onto Taungurung country, where they can learn the traditional method and cultural practice of creating the possum cloak. During the creation of the possum cloak, participants also learn about language, symbolism and dreamtime stories. The workshop will provide a space for interaction between youth and elders, for cultural learning and production, for healing and yarning.

The Taungurung are the traditional owners of the majority of land in the North Central Victorian region. Taungurung country encompasses the area between the upper reaches of the Goulburn River and its tributaries north of the Dividing Range. From the Campaspe River to Kilmore in the West, eastwards to Mount Beauty. Benalla in the north and south to the top of the Great Dividing Range.

The Taungurung have a rich cultural heritage with it’s unique language, art, and stories. The Possum Cloak was a traditional garment worn by the Taungurung to protect them from the cold southern winter. The process of making the cloak is a special, cultural practice for the Taungurung. Each Taungurung Clans Aboriginal Corporation (TCAC) would like to facilitate a possum making workshop. With many of the Taungurung people now living in the cities and urban localities, there is minimal opportunity for them to come together to work collaboratively as a group.


The funds raised will pay towards the facilitation of the possum cloak workshop to be run on Taungurung Country over a weekend.

During the weekend it is hoped to achieve the completion of three possum cloaks. There will be two cloaks of a superior quality/design and one of “lesser” detail to be purposed for different occasions. The completed possum cloaks will be held by TCAC in their Broadford premises and will be used for important cultural ceremonies, including Welcome to Country ceremonies and cultural performances. We also hope to share the cloaks with the wider community by allowing them to be displayed at galleries and/or public art spaces on an ongoing basis.

$5250 of the funds will be used to purchase supplies
$4000 of the funds will be used towards facilitation and wages
$3800 of the funds will contribute to accommodation, catering and travel expenses
$550 of funds will contribute to marketing and admin costs

The Taungurung people thank you for taking the time to consider our project!

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Taungurung Clans Aboriginal Corporation (TCAC) represents the interests of the clans of the Taungurung — Budhera Bulok, Leuk Yillam, Mum-Mum Yilam, Naterrak Bulok, Nira Bulok, Waring-Yilam Bulok, Yaran-Yilam Bulok, Yiran-Yilam-Bulok, and Yawang-Yilam-Bulok — and aims to promote cultural awareness and recognition of the continuity of the traditional people on Taungurung lands.

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