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The Piano Women

Since the 1700s women have played a major role in the development of the piano yet many of them have been forgotten by history. This book, podcast and the live show aim to shine a light on the lives of these women.

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I am working towards releasing a book next year compiling the research I completed when creating my one-woman cabaret The Piano Women. A partner podcast with recordings of music and songs will accompany the book. I will be working alongside local artists to create artwork for the book and a local published writer and researcher to create a most beautiful collection of the stories of the piano and its women.
This project is for all young women learning music and young men to make them aware of the impact of women and It is also for the women…to make sure history remembers their work as it does the piano men’s. It is for schools and historians and for women everywhere. I hope it raises awareness and equality without diminishing any of the wonderful piano men.
Funds raised will allow me to take the time out to compile the research and to create the book and record the podcast. I want this project to be full of wonder and to be correct so it will require a lot of time. I will also be looking at the most environmentally friendly way.

I am asking for assistance in buying me time…the time needed to do this project right and turn it into the history book that will inspire the next generation of female pianists. I was told by a prominent figure that my cabaret performance present the history of the piano and its women in a way that had never been done before and that it was important that it be published and available in libraries, universities and anywhere they teach music.
The research will make you laugh, make you cry and inspire you to follow your dreams.

The end result will be a published book with a complimentary podcast that features the music of the piano women from 1700 to today. The podcast can continue to grow as new female pianists emerge! In 2019 I will tour the live show across Australia, New Zealand and the UK to promote the women’s work and the book and podcast.

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Emma Knights is a graduate of both the Elder Conservatorium and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. She is a full-time musician working as a pianist, musical director, composer/songwriter, orchestral/band musician and repetiteur/accompanist. She has toured professionally with Opera Queensland and internationally with The Bailey Dolls whilst performing and producing shows for the Out of the Square and Something on Saturday programs locally in South Australia. She curated the Adelaide Fringe hub LIVE on 5 at the Adelaide Oval in 2017 and recently curated for the National Wine Centre in 2018.

Emma is passionate about showcasing local talents and, in 2013, she created her own production company Emma Knights Productions. Her company has many ventures including Floating Melodies (2016 SA Tourism Silver Award Recipient), Space Encounters, Haydn Seek, Swan Lake Remixed, Oklahoma! On a Farm, Chicago, Pirates of Penzance on the Popeye (sold out seasons since 2014), Tales of Adventure, Aqua Beats and Lose Yourself…A local singer/songwriter concert in the Mintaro Maze. She was shortlisted in 2014 for the Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year and Chicago won Best Male Professional in the Adelaide Theatre Guide Awards 2017.


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