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The Parallel Effect

Travel with us through a wormhole to parallel universes: beyond the normative and fraught climate change politics and paradigms of our world where we can reimagine possibilities for a sustainable and democratic future

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Hi everyone, my name’s Daz. I’m one of the impassioned and perhaps, slightly crazy, humans behind this project and I greatly appreciate you stopping by. I’m writing this at 5am, on the morning of a significant birthday and I’ve just arrived at the section where this form asks me to “set the stage.” Ha – strap yourselves in, this could get interesting!

Prior to investing the ‘all’ of my being into the realisation of this project (gee that really makes me sound like a pretentious, yet super eager, shape-shifter) I had been swimming ineffectually – treading water, really – in a sea of grief. A partner in life and work, had died of terminal cancer and I found my reality changed in ways I’d never imagined possible. My perspective transformed drastically. Things seemed paradoxically bigger and smaller. Further away and closer. I started writing poetry again. I formed a new-wave punk band. And I decided to temporarily shelve a challenging feature documentary that I’d been working tirelessly on for ten years.

I started reading more and more about the universe. Advances in theoretical physics, quantum computing…and more and more about our world and the climate emergency. With the scale of the climate crisis looming so large, is it possible to make engagement with and knowledge of climate change science and history accessible, personally relevant and ultimately, motivating, to a variety of people through an intersection of mediums and technologies?

It is with this question in mind that ‘The Parallel Effect’ is curated and designed. We want to give audiences an opportunity to dive through a wormhole to parallel dimensions where knowledge of the Greenhouse Effect in the 1970s and 1980s was actioned, and many of today’s catastrophic realities of climate change mitigated. We want to enjoin participants to contemplate alternative pasts and futures, to reclaim and interrogate the histories and realities of today’s climate crisis, and to rethink and imagine possibilities for informed, sustainable, democratic interventions in the future. This is ‘The Parallel Effect.’

This project is ambitious and our team is large. Its physical and online production is intended to evolve and adapt according to site and region of exhibition. The first physical installment of this project was commissioned by Next Wave 2020 and was meant to be staged this month in Melbourne’s Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre (since cancelled due to COVID-19). We were treating the premiere season at Next Wave as the prototype for a travelling installation across Australia and beyond, which would be adapted and added to according to site, location, visitor feedback and experience – not to mention the increasingly diverse partnerships, both domestically and internationally we are seeking to build.

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you share our conviction that storytellers play a crucial role in framing how our societies understand both the crises of our time, and their solutions. Your support is essential to enabling us to continue.

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Origami Flight are a bunch of passionate interdisciplinary storytellers who make stuff fly across various platforms including participatory installations, immersive theatre, documentary film, radio, drama, digital platforms, live performance and events.

We are inspired by concepts that challenge preconceived ideas, forge points of connection between unlikely parties and flirt wildly with the surreal or unexpected.

Material that celebrates the imagination, knowledge building, mind-expansion and, doesn’t shy away from controversial topics but attracts meaningful, social engagement is also high on our hit-list.


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