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The Market is a Wind-Up Toy

The Market Is A Wind-up Toy – the latest radical political work from The Bloomshed. Presented at Old 505 Theatre (Sydney) 2019.

Days Left

“Political theatre dredged from the crisis of late capitalism” (THE AGE)

It’s the end of the world sale – all things reduced to clear – time to take stock of what we have and flog it till it stops breathing. The market has collapsed, leading economists are jumping out of skyscraper windows, the golden bull has been put down. Arvid Flatpack has to fix it. Watch him journey down to hell to recurrent the only woman who can save us: Margaret Thatcher.

Born out of the wintry depths of a suburban backyard shed, contemporary Melbourne theatre group The Bloomshed are bringing their latest work to the Old 505 Theatre. Emerging writer and theatre maker, James Jackson has taken inspiration from Dante, Virillio and Crawford and turned it into a critique of late capitalism. This is a high-octane mess of protest theatre and surreal dream sequence. The perfect antidote to the anxiety of our times.

The Bloomshed aims to create cutting edge, political theatre. Reinvigorating classic texts through a combination of new writing and devising, The Market Is A Wind-up Toy is the company’s latest attempt to make something new by cannibalising the old. We’re interested in reviving a dwindling tradition of furious political theatre, of collective action and democratic protest. Our work attempts to plug into the “now,” taking aim at those who keep us down.

New works often have a short shelf-live. This funding will enable The Bloomshed to continue to develop and refine their work after its successful Melbourne season in 2018. Your donation will allow us to engage new audiences and provide employment for some of Melbourne’s most exciting emerging performers, writers and designers. Since 2013, The Bloomshed has funded its own work, which means less work, less often. If we are to continue making our particular brand of high-octane political theatre, we’re going to need a bit of help!

Touring productions is expensive, so we are asking for donations (no matter how big or small) to help us put this show on the road. Your donation will cover the costs of venue, rehearsal and equipment hire. Covering these costs will allow us to pay our artists a fair wage for the enormous amount of work they put towards the realisation of this show.

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The Bloomshed create irreverent political theatre for a post-truth, post-utopian age. Our work is formed by a combination of new writing and devising, we create the new by cannibalising the old. Always fast, mad and usually didactic, our team is composed of writers, musicians and performers.


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