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The Lorelei & The Siren (New Musical)

The Lorelei and The Siren is a New Australian Musical. Currently in first draft form, funding is sought to workshop the script and music to the next stage of development.

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The Lorelei is a cruise ship. The Siren is a research base in the Antarctic. Aboard the former and trapped in the latter are people whose lives have not turned out the way they would have liked. Through a series of outrageous circumstances, including a maritime tragedy, an attempted assassination and a lot of theme parties, they find love, enlightenment and the courage and determination to get on with their strange and wonderful lives.

An absurdist musical comedy that combines the outrageousness of The Book of Mormon with the lyricism of classic Broadway musicals of the 50s, The Lorelei and The Siren is aimed at a mature audience.

This project will undergo a week-long workshop in May, culminating in a public reading for donors, producers and the general public. Our aim is to develop further support for the project.

This project covers relevant contemporary issues such as global warming, toxic masculinity, ineffectual leadership and finding hope in the face of adversity and does so in a fun, engaging and uplifting manner.

To date, many talented professionals have volunteered their time and energy to advancing this project. We have reached the stage of development where financial support is required to continue. We are seeking $22,000 to run a week-long workshop with highly skilled creatives and 14 talented performers to develop the project to the next level. The workshop will culminate in a public reading.

Donations will go towards rehearsal and performance space hire, paying the Writer, Director, Music Director, and our large cast of Performers for the week-long workshop and a public reading, administration costs and printing.

The end result will be a complete second draft of the work, further support for and a wider awareness of the project.

To find out more about the project, you can head to our Social Media pages, or check out the Spears Entertainment website at spearsentertainment.com.au

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