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The Last Word

”The Last Word’ is a new work by Michelle Heaven in collaboration with Caroline Meaden. In this development we intend to merge our individual practices and dance sensibilities to create a striking movement duet.

Days Left

This development will give me the necessary ingredients to fuel my creative voice at a time when I am absolutely ready to move onto developing the next touring work. As a mature artist who is ‘emerging’ into the authority of her own unique creative endeavours, I am fully aware that time, access to highly skilled, exceptional performers and exposure to design collaborators/mentors of bravery and vision are crucial elements that will feed my creative future.

I am eager to instigate a detailed kinaesthetic response to key themes; to deepen my collaborative working relationships; and to establish material that solicits curiosity whilst paying homage to the weight and density of the bones/muscles and efficient articulation of the joints. Caroline Meaden and I share an interest in the specificity of mind/body intelligence within skilled bodies and the possibilities; intricate, subtle, virtuosic, strange, that can be explored between two such bodies, between unique individuals, between two women.

This development will undertake an intensive movement-focused exploration that will centre the audience experience. As a skilled dance and choreographic artist my work is deliberately complex and invested in multiplicity of meaning, providing numerous and diverse points of access for the viewer. I am invested in crafting performances that unfold as private experiences for each viewer, punctuated by moments of collective recognition. TLW aims to connect strongly on a sub-linguistic level, using humour and intrigue, in the spirit of expanding how audiences can access the work.

The type of work I create alongside my trusted and accomplished creative collaborator has been proven to have broad appeal (see reviews of In Plan). The combined experience and skill of this creative team will ensure there is utmost care and attention taken throughout the crafting process to question, refine and produce quality outcomes. The visual aesthetics and integrated design, plus an inherent desire to challenge and inspire the way we view and craft live work, will greatly enrich the audience experience

The respective artists connected to this project will benefit through the opportunity to investigate new ideas, invest in creative relationships, generate new paths of discovery and further define their individual creative aspirations. The flow-on effects to the industry, to the development of the form, and to the quality and reputation of performance in Victoria will be significant. Lucy Guerin Inc are committed to investing in the independent arts sector, and the inclusion of TLW in their development program will enhance their reputation for showcasing and supporting cutting-edge and experimental choreographic work.


Michelle Heaven


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