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The Ironing Maidens- laundromat tour

The Ironing Maidens: a live electronic music project, tours regional laundromats, performing, running workshops and interviewing the public on their thoughts on domesticity and technology.

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The Ironing Maidens is a live electronic music performance art piece which explores the topics of domesticity, technology and the history of women in electronic music. The instruments used are traditional irons and ironing boards that have been adapted and built to create sound and effect triggers for the music and the visuals of the show.

Contact microphones attached to the laundromat washing machines and dryers are also employed to sonify the ambient sounds of the laundromat. The Ironing Maidens will tour NSW regional laundromats as experimental performance spaces in Jan 2018. A workshop will precede the performance and will cover the topics of EMP, Ableton Live software skills, electronic instrument creation and the history of women in electronic music.

If ironing was a traditionally male task, based on history it could be argued that ironing might have become a well paid profession. Instead ironing, washing and housework in general has long been underpaid and has taken its toll on women’s health and mental well being. The invisibility of women’s work, effort and influence is still a problem today. Women today still do more than twice the amount of housework as their male partners. Women are still largely underrepresented in the electronic music industry globally and only 6% of women are currently applying for STEM based degrees.

We think the perfect public places to explore these topics are the laundromats. We are asking for this funding to tour the show, teach EMP, discuss these topics and document the findings in a short documentary.

Donations will be used to cover the logistical costs of the tour so that the performance and workshops can be provided free to the regional communities. The tour will include 7 regional laundromats – the more funding received, the more towns can be included in the tour.

Participants of the workshops will learn the basics of EMP, will produce their own track and will be introduced to the female pioneers of the electronic music industry. An online facebook group will stream the workshops for participants too remote to attend, and be a hub for discussion of the topics. A 30 minute documentary will be produced, screened and uploaded to our website at the end of the tour.

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Melania Jack and Patty Bom have been performing as Shiny Shiny since 2010. Shiny Shiny is a queer electronic music, multi-media duo that incorporates instruments, live visuals, costumes, dance routines, theatrics, audience interaction, humour, social commentary and LGBTI/queer politics in a colourful high energy stage show.

Shiny Shiny produced, performed in, and directed the live electro cabaret show-“Our Regional Centre, Pussy Town Tourist Information Centre”. With a narrative based on the creative life of queer artists living in the regional area of Lismore, Northern NSW, the show comprised of 10 LGBTIQ performers. It was performed locally in Lismore and Feast Festival Adelaide.

Their new project – “The Ironing Maidens” is a multi-media, eclectic electronic arts piece that is resonant, relevant and thought provoking. Using unconventional gestural controllers and hacked hardware this explorative piece travels through gender roles, queer and women’s issues and technology. The debut show was performed at Falls Festival Byron Bay and since then has been independently toured through England, Germany and Switzerland.

Melania and Patty also manage an electronic music production school aimed at supporting women into the industry.


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