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ILYAWE is a musical feature film project about a racially diverse group of teenagers on an Aboriginal community with a shared dream of becoming hip-hop sensations who are discovered by an American music producer.

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STAGE 1 March – June 2019
Six young people from Central Australia chosen for their raw talent will be grown into a musical ensemble through participation in a series of professional development workshops. Stage 1 will culminate into the group writing five songs which will be professionally studio mixed and recorded.

STAGE 2 July – October 2019
The songs recorded at the conclusion of stage 1 will be given to an experienced musical producer to develop into the film score and songs. The musical director will work with the six young people throughout this process, bringing their signature sounds and voice to life through further workshopping and rehearsals. The group will also move into intensive acting training, workshopping the film script and their roles in preparation for stage 3.

STAGE 3 – November 2019 – February 2020
The ILYAWE film will go into production, with the remaining roles cast and crew appointed, followed by a six-week film shoot.

In the wake of 200 years of history between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians known mostly for being fraught with pain and misunderstanding, these six young Central Australians from a racially diverse group will share a very different story, by showing the rest of Australia and the international community that our difference can define us but does not need to divide us and that music and friendship have the power to transcend any boundary. The six will take us all on a journey into the geographical and cultural heart of Australia, sharing stories of community, family, mutually enriching cross-cultural relationships and the sometimes hilarious, sometimes beautiful, sometimes very challenging consequences of the merger between the oldest continuing culture and the newest culture on the planet. By supporting the project you too can be part of this momentous journey that will fundamentally alter the way Australians view our relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people sharing space and place on this land.

Your tax-deductible donations will go towards supporting the six young people selected for participation in the ILYAWE project to be developed from raw talent into musical and screen sensations who set an example for the rest of Australia in changing the way we view our shared Australian existence. This will include the cost of professional mentor programs, workshops and all other aspects of taking them and you on the journey of a lifetime that will change all of us forever.

Creative Partnerships Australia are proud supporters of this project and every dollar of the first $10,000 donated will be matched dollar for dollar by the Creative Partnerships MatchLab program.

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I am a published author, a documentary maker and a screen writer. I have written and directed three documentary films, one of which (Bush Law) aired on ABC TV, BBC World, Aljazeera and won the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival best documentary award. I have just written a feature film about a diverse racial group of hip hop artists living on a remote community, inspired from my previous life as an Aboriginal Legal aid lawyer, during which I spent alot of time on Aboriginal communities and engaging with incredibly talented musicians living on them. I have written 7 drafts of the script under the mentorship of Australian film veteran Helen Leake. It is now production ready. The next step required is to develop the music for the film, beginning with some signature songs and culminating in a musical score. To commence this process my plan is to begin collaborating with an established Australian Hip Hop Artist who will travel out to the remote community in which the film will be set and run some musical development workshops.


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