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Meet Ettie Rout: a brave but complex woman who broke the taboos around soldiers and sex in WWI, saving thousands of Anzac lives.

We need your help to tell her story in a theatre show at Coburg RSL

Days Left

Paris, 1918.
A fight is raging outside the trenches of WWI.
One in five Anzacs gets Venereal Disease
It can be fatal
One woman goes to war

Meet Ettie Rout:
Difficult, bright, brave.
Ettie put together one of the world’s first prophylactic kits. Outrageous!

She was adored by the men, but vilified back home
She died alone
But she wasn’t just difficult in her day, even today she is a very uncomfortable heroine…

Writer Janet Watson Kruse has collaborated with creatives Jane Woollard and Chris Thompson. With the help of Ettie’s biographer, Jane Tolerotn,and the Centenary of Anzac we have developed a brand new show about Ettie’s life. We reckon it will be enjoyed by people who are interested in the ‘other’ side of history, in feisty women and challenging ideas.

We now need to add costumes, sound and lighting and mount it with the incredible support of Coburg RSL and Moreland City Council in October 2019

Now we need your help!

HG Wells called Ettie ‘that unforgettable heroine’ but her work has been suppressed for a century.- Ettie probably saved more lives than any other individual in WW1 but she barely rates a mention in Australia’s official War History:

You can help us change that.

The first and most important thing we are asking is that even if you’re not in a position to donate, that you CLICK AND SHARE by using the tab above.

We have a working script. Now we need the design elements to really make it sing. Then we can tour! We have been awarded an Arts Activation Grant by the City of Moreland. However we really need your help to pay for good design.

Our initial target is $3000, which will translate into lights, sound and costumes.

Our stretch target is $5000: We have some great support from City of Moreland, but this would help us honour the work of our fellow artists

And here’s the most wonderful thing: Donations to the ACF are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, with a receipt issued to you straight away.

We deeply appreciate the support of those we know and send our passionate gratitude to those arts angels we have not yet met.

Ettie probably saved more lives than any other individual in WW1

As our supporters at the RSL said to us; “It’s time her story was brought into the world”

Please help us do just that.


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Janet is a full-time working actor and writer.

Janet has experience in Theatre, Film, Improv & Television Drama.

She has appeared in thirteen episodes of Neighbours as kind but firm social worker Roz Challis. Recent screen credits include Glitch and Winners & Losers, and feature films West of Sunshine and Out of Order

Recent theatre work includes Volumnia in an all-female Coriolanus and Angels in America directed by Peter Kalos. Her last theatre excursion was of The Memory of Water directed by veteran TV director Richard Sarrell, which showed to acclaim at Chapel off Chapel.

Janet is in demand as a Simulated Patient and has done nearly 600 workshops in every State and Territory of Australia in this challenging area of improvisation. She often collaborates with educators to bring experiential workshops to life.

She has written a number of shows

Janet works hard to create communities with fellow practitioners, has been a member of the MEAA since 2001 and is a member of Writers Victoria. She is also proud to be a professional member and sometime juror for the Australian Academy Awards – the ‘new’ AFI.


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