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The Edge

This will be the first international presentation of The Edge since its initial development and staging in Malaysia in 2013. It has been selected to be part of The Blue Room Theatre’s Season One program for 2018.

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The Edge is a dynamic musical written by Nick Choo. Originally staged in 2013 in Malaysia where it won acclaim at the Boh Cameronian Arts Awards. It is a unique work, more akin to an opera than a traditional musical in that is entirely sung with no real dialogue.

There are six people connected to Josh, an aspiring artist and a troubled young man. When Josh declares that he wishes to end his life, they are forced to re-examine their relationships with him and with one another, as well as take the hard look at themselves they’ve been avoiding for so long. There is a haunting quality to the piece, and the fact that Josh is never seen by the audience makes his absence all the more powerful. At the heart of The Edge is an attempt at exploring human relationships – how what we do can affect other people, how our decisions can have an impact on those around us without realizing. Ultimately, The Edge tries to ask: if we do hurt someone, how readily or easily should we accept – and grant – forgiveness?

The Edge came when director Levon J Polinelli was not necessarily looking for a new project to take on, but the themes and unique theatrical opportunities The Edge presented were impossible to resist. Suicide is sadly all too common an occurrence, and The Edge aims to open up the conversations around it; for those left behind, and those contemplating the act. It is important that we know we aren’t alone, and with luck The Edge can help people understand this. Over 2,100 take their own lives every year in Australia, and that figure is rising. While we encourage people at risk to talk to others, we also have many restrictions on reportage of suicide that creates a dichotomy – we’re implored to talk about it, but it is also tacitly implied that we not talk about it. We all know someone who has taken their own life, and The Edge wants to explore all of these feelings and notions of guilt in a safe way that will hopefully bring some peace or awareness to people; or at the very least open up the difficult conversations we avoid having.

Donations will allow us to market The Edge to its full potential, reaching the largest audience possible which will in turn have the flow-on effect of increasing ticket sales which go directly to the artists and performers for their work. They will also aid us in acquiring or fabricating sets and props, and paying fees for musicians each night of the performance.

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