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The Drama Club: Supporting Young Artists

In 2020, ATC will launch The Drama Club: a place where artists aged 18-25 can develop their creative skills and stay connected to Melbourne’s independent theatre community while balancing school, training, and/or work.

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Antipodes Theatre Company is committed to supporting artists as well as new work. The Drama Club’s goal is to provide a setting – free of charge – for young actors, writers and singers desiring guidance or insight about the independent and professional theatre communities in Australia and beyond.

The Drama Club will hold weekly sessions throughout the year with no long-term commitment required. Each week, the club will discuss disciplines connected to performance (such as audition techniques, interpreting classical texts, and movement training) as well as explore topics related to their overall well-being (such as mental health, time management, and setting personal goals). The Drama Club will be moderated by Melissa David (an actress, writer and ATC committee member) with guest instructors brought in periodically to provide invaluable access to advice and practical knowledge about working in the field. Participants will also have access to free or discounted tickets to attend plays, musicals, and concerts.


This project is meant to give everyone a fair shot at being successful in the arts. By providing a platform that is free and accessible for all, we hope to amplify the voices and passion of those who may not be able to afford other similar training or performance programs. Through accessing a wide range of skills and topics, those who attend will be given the best possible opportunity for growth and development in a safe, supportive environment. We hope to build a community for young artists where they feel accepted and valued, while learning important skills in collaboration, giving appropriate feedback, and balancing the business side of their art. Your contribution will directly benefit the artists who represent the future of the Australian performance community. Help us create a new home for the theatre-makers of tomorrow!

All donations raised through this campaign will go toward paying for the facilities, materials, and instructors needed for The Drama Club. Once established, this program can help connect young people to employers, directors, and peers who will help them achieve a career in the arts, if that is what they desire. However, even if participants don’t end up pursuing a full-time commitment to artistic endeavors, we are encouraging young people to be better members of their wider communities as mentors, audience members, and consumers who are likely to promote the flourishing of art and performance anywhere they go.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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antipodes (/anˈtɪpədiːz/) noun:
1. Australia and New Zealand (used by inhabitants of the northern hemisphere);
2. the direct opposite of something.

Antipodes Theatre Company (ATC) seeks to provide a collaborative and diverse environment for producing professional theatre in Melbourne. Programming includes: full-length plays and musicals, the Ricochet Free Reading Series, workshops for professional artists, and youth programs.

We embrace challenging and enlightening work from a variety of artists. Work that focuses on duality within the human condition. Work that looks at situations from a unique angle or exposes what it’s like to step into someone else’s shoes. ATC was founded by New York City transplants who currently find themselves as close to the antipode of that location as they’re ever likely to get.

Finally, ATC strives for inclusive hiring practices through a commitment to at least 50% of all positions filled by women, people of color, people with disabilities, trans and gender non-conforming people, and other members of historically or culturally marginalized communities.

Current company members include: David Butler, Melissa David, Kristy Griffin, Brandon Pape, Chloe Towan, and Don Winsor


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