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The Cooperative – Season 2021

Recovery. Renewal. Revolution.

In 2021, The Cooperative presents a season of five operas, which explore and challenge the world around us.

All entry is pay-as-you-feel, and all profits go to charity.

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The Cooperative is an opera company x social justice project.

Our mission is fourfold:

  1. To provide opportunities for young and emerging artists, especially those underrepresented elsewhere in opera;
  2. To present productions which engage with the world around us, politically and socially;
  3. To increase opera’s accessibility, by removing financial barriers (all entry is on a pay-as-you-feel scale), and through presenting opera in unconventional performance spaces; and,
  4. To use opera to benefit the world around us – all profits go to charities thematically connected to the ideas explored onstage.

In February 2020, we presented our inaugural production, Menotti’s The Consul, through which we engaged a diverse cast of artists with all levels of experience, attracted brand new and seasoned opera audiences alike, and raised nearly $2500 for the Asylum Seekers’ Centre and Asylum Seekers’ Resource Centre.

Covid-19 has had devastating impacts upon the arts industry, and our performers and creative teams have all been affected. However, now that it is safe to do so, we aim to return to the stage with an exciting and varied program of five operas, all of which challenge and confront issues in the world around us, and provide performance opportunities for a diverse cast of nearly fifty artists.

In 2021, we will present:

Holst – Sāvitrī

Gluck – Orfeo ed Euridice

Gluck – Iphigénie en Tauride

Mozart – Le nozze di Figaro

Puccini – Tosca

We are fortunate to have a wonderful cast on board, of all ages and levels of experience, and to be able to provide much needed performance opportunities in the wake of this year’s cancellations and shutdown.

Entry to all performances will be on a pay-as-you-feel scale, and all profits will benefit a range of charities and causes, including support and recovery from the effects of Covid-19, mental health support, working with victims of violence, wom*n’s empowerment and safety, and judicial reform.

With an extensive season planned, our rehearsal space costs are also extensive.

We aim to keep entry to all our performances accessible to everyone, and thus do not set an admission price; we also donate all profits taken at the door to charity, as we passionately believe that opera must benefit the world around us. And, we also passionately believe in making performance opportunities accessible to all artists, and as such, will never charge any “show fees” or expect our artists to incur any costs.

As such, we are currently seeking donations towards the cost of rehearsal space, as well as production and marketing costs.

Any donations are most gratefully received – thank you very much for your support.

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Hello & Welcome!
The Cooperative is a young Sydney-based arts company, founded to stage productions of new, rare, and canonic works, which are impactful, relevant, and necessitate social change.
We are founded from dual passions for opera and for social justice, and aim to benefit the world around us. As such, we will not only stage productions which highlight and explore pertinent social and political issues, but will also donate the majority of profits from performances to charity/ies connected to these issues. We firmly believe that opera should be accessible to all, and so our productions are open to all to attend on a pay-as-you-feel scale.
We believe that art can – and should – change the world.

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