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The Cooperative presents The Consul

The Cooperative: an opera company x social justice organisation
The Consul: Menotti’s grim warning, scarily relevant today.
Combined: an accessible opera performance with a mission to change the world.

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The Cooperative is a new Sydney based opera company, with a passion for social justice. We believe that art can, and should, change the world.
Our productions aim to explore and challenge issues within our society. They are open to all to attend on a pay-as-you-feel scale, removing the financial barrier of opera for many, and profits are donated to charity/ies connected to the ideas presented on stage.
For our inaugural production, we are staging Gian Carlo Menotti’s 1950 opera The Consul.

“To this we’ve come, that men withhold the world from men … that man be born a stranger upon God’s earth, that he be chosen without a chance for choice, that he be hunted without a hope of refuge …”

Nearly seventy years after its premiere, and halfway across the world, these lines from The Consul still ring uncomfortably and unhappily true. With no alternative and time running out, a family seeks refuge from another country to no avail. Desperate people seek help and salvation from emotionless and immovable authorities, with devastating consequences.

We aim to explore and confront the issues raised in this opera, within the context of contemporary Australia, and believe that The Consul is just as – if not even more – important and timely a work today. Profits from this production will be donated to charities dedicated to working with refugees and asylum seekers in Australia.

Donations to this project would be gratefully received, and would fund:
The costs of putting on this performance, which include the fee for Grand Rights to perform The Consul, lighting hire, costuming, and other production expenses.
A stipend for our artists, to assist with the many costs occurred in training and learning prior to performance, travel to and from rehearsals and performances, and for their generously given time.
This funding would enable us to be fully able to donate our profits to charity, an essential part of our company’s mission.
Thank you for your interest in The Cooperative – it is greatly appreciated.

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Hello & Welcome!
The Cooperative is a young Sydney-based arts company, founded to stage productions of new, rare, and canonic works, which are impactful, relevant, and necessitate social change.
We are founded from dual passions for opera and for social justice, and aim to benefit the world around us. As such, we will not only stage productions which highlight and explore pertinent social and political issues, but will also donate the majority of profits from performances to charity/ies connected to these issues. We firmly believe that opera should be accessible to all, and so our productions are open to all to attend on a pay-as-you-feel scale.
We believe that art can – and should – change the world.