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The Ska Vendors

Help us take our band to the UK so we can perform at a fundraising festival in aid of theTeenage Cancer T rust

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The Ska Vendors are a nine piece, Melbourne based band with a rich musical heritage who have a deep love for the music they play. They delve into the history of Jamaican grooves right back to the late fifties and keep the sounds of the Trojan music and 2 – tone eras alive, relevant and current with their own unique twist on ska.
The band have been invited to play in the UK in November at the award winning BIG ONE charity event, on the proviso that they can get themselves there at their own expense.

Run by Specialized, ‘The Big One’, now in its 7th year, sees musicians and bands from around the world coming together for a 3-day immersion of Ska and Reggae music that raises funds for teenage cancer and mental health.

With 2018 being the 50th anniversary of the Trojan record label this year’s event is a tribute to the original Trojan artists. Bands contribute tracks to a CD that is sold on the night and only some are invited to attend and play.
The BIG ONE 7 is the perfect platform to showcase The Ska Vendors to an international audience and raise much needed funds for people that are living in traumatic and difficult situations.
The Ska Vendors have already donated a track to the charity CD and being able to play their track at the event is something they would dearly like to be able to do.

As a non-profit organisation, artists at The Big One, are provided festival accommodation, meals, rehearsal space and full performance backline, however artists must travel to the UK at their expense..

– Supporting the Specialized Project in its fundraising aims and mission,
– Enable The Ska Vendors to develop business opportunities within the UK and build relationships with the many notable artists and key industry figures in attendance at the event.

The Big One is a charity fundraiser, The Ska Vendors will not profit from the event, they are giving up their time to help others.

Your generous donation will be used to offset the band’s travel costs.
Please help us to get them there so that they can do their bit for teenage cancer and mental health

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Specialized is a musical community that was created in 2012 to raise funds to improve the lives of teens and young adults with cancer or who are living in difficult circumstances.

Specialized brings together amateur and professional musicians with the shared goal of creating musical projects to raise funds for cancer research and support agencies.

SpecialOz’d is the Australian arm and is launching this year in Sydney in September with its first Ska/ Reggae fund raiser with profits going to Can Teen. The SpecialOz’d team is made up of musicians and people working within the Australian music Industry.

SpecialOz’d have plans to run fund raising music events around Australia annually.


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