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The 2 Foot Journey Documentary

This is a documentary that follows the journey of a Young Warrior, as he prepares himself for Yatha Pathay; a rite of passage cultural first shave initiation practice in the Torres Strait.

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The 2 Foot Journey is a documentary that focuses on the title itself, a journey from one’s heart to one’s mind [inner compass]; the most challenging yet rewarding journey an individual can ever embark on.

Connecting the two together and restoring balance within can seem quite difficult, especially in today’s world of how one could easily be consumed by advanced technologies, social media and societal expectations.

Shot in the exotic location of Mabuyag Island, Torres Strait, we follow a Young Warrior’s rite of passage, as the whole tribe prepares him for his transitioning of going from a boy to a man; a cultural initiation practice of Yatha Pathay – first shave initiation, and Buwal Woeydhay – a tribal celebration of feasting, dancing and bearing of gifts.

This cultural initiation plays an integral part in the upbringing of our future leaders. Young men and women need guidance, they need structure, and we must provide them the space to connect with their true self, so that their values & upbringing aligns with their inner compass.

Your contribution will help me fully restore this practice and through the documentary, this will educate our younger generations and preserve this important piece of Australian Indigenous Cultural History.

Your tax deductible donations will be used primarily for production, ensuring that we have a crew to help us capture these moments and images, and the power and beauty of true connectedness of when a community comes together.

This will also cover airfares, accomodation, labour hire, food, and other important things we need to see this project through.

The final footage will be taken across the country to rural and remote communities. Through showcasing The 2 Foot Journey my vision is to use my cultural practice as ways and means to heal the nation from within.

To find out more about what I do, head to www.kayinrevolution.com

social media: @mickbani and @kayinrevolution

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Michael is a former professional National Rugby League player turned actor, whose acting credits include Steve Rogers ‘King of Pigs’ (Red Line Productions), Ready For This (mini series), Love in Aranya (RRS media), Corporate work for the NRL and Australian Defence Force, as well as TVC’s for brands such as Canadian Club and Dry, Indeed, Telstra, Home Timber and Hardware, Hyundai and OPSM.

As a Torres Strait Islander, Michael is now looking to use the performing arts platform both as an actor and a story teller ,to provide awareness to further strengthen our foundations around the key components of cultural awareness, spiritual connection, mental strength and physical wellbeing.

Michael values the importance in using cultural healing and story telling as a means to create better life outcomes for all.


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