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Testing Grounds Creative Program 2019

Testing Grounds is committed to supporting artists pushing the boundaries of creative practice, and giving designers, architects, and makers a place to test out their ideas.

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Testing Grounds provides a home in the heart of the Arts Precinct for people at all levels to test, develop, and share their work in an open and supportive environment.

In 2017 alone we provided free space, project management support, and facilities and equipment to over 120 creative projects, contributing an estimated value of $80,000-$100,000 to the independent arts sector.

We do not take ticket splits and we do not take a commission on artworks sales, but we do give everything we have to make our corner of the Arts Precinct as vibrant and vital as it can be. We receive operational funding but we don’t receive programming funding, and this is where you come in…

What will your contribution do?

Every single dollar raised will go directly to helping artists using the site to realise their ambitious projects. Not for cleaning or plumbing or stocking the bar, but to bring cutting-edge experiences and ideas to life.

Back creative talent: Your support could contribute to hiring equipment, subsidising materials, cover fees to be part of a festival, give an artist funds to promote their project, or best of all directly pay them for their work.

Increase participation and access: Your support could provide childcare for an artist to be able to undertake a residency, help a regional artist cover accommodation and transport costs to have an exhibition, or provide Auslan interpretation.

Grow an innovative community: We have a fantastic community at Testing Grounds, made up of people from every corner of the arts. As a supporter, you become a part of this community leading the way in experimentation and taking bold creative risks.

We make a real difference to the people who work with us. In the words of one of our past artists, “I am so grateful that Testing Grounds exists. It is a wonderful space to work with and genuinely amazing in its ability to care for and support emerging artists and practices.”

We invite you to join us in supporting our unique community, imagining new kinds of creativity and new spaces in which to work…

Testing Grounds provides free space in the heart of Melbourne’s Arts Precinct for experimental art, creative development, performance, design, education, and public gathering.

We start from a place of “yes.”

We program to find value in artistic experience, as well as supporting artistic merit.

We value projects that bring a diversity of practice, cultures and people to the Arts Precinct.

We aim to build stronger relationships between practitioners, the places they work, and audiences. We aim to give people more civic agency to be creative. We aim to give space to experimentation; to support people pushing boundaries, taking calculated risks, and playing with ideas. And we aim to imagine new ways creative practice can exist in the city.

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