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Symmetry is a short conceptual film about how we as humans have recreated jungles in our cities and how it’s impacting us and our earth.

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We are a constantly evolving culture. A culture eternally cycling, dying, and rebirthing. The cities we live in, the jobs we have shape our direction in where we go, but are we heading in the right direction? There is a constant noise of machines and growing infrastructure that we sometimes forget what silence sounds like. We are living in a jungle… – A concrete jungle.

This film will be the second significant Film work from Robert Plaza. Robs most recent film, Every Moment Counts Had a successful Festival Run recently getting selected for the Australian Short Film Today Film Festival, Among others around the world. The film is intended as a strategic stepping stone in Rob’s career path as a Filmmaker. Symmetry is being made for online and festival audiences and will be produced over the next three to Five months.

This film is a powerful representation of time and our society today. The film is based on a poem written by Robert Plaza over the past 3 years.

Further, Symmetry is a particular experiment in storytelling. Rob is a Gold Coast based film director and Symmetry is a unique exercise in showing how what we do now as humans creates a profound impact on the future. This film will explore a deeper side to our growing infrastructure and how it has developed over the years.

The means raised from this crowdfunding campaign will essentially fund the shoot days of this film. donations to this crowdfunding campaign will assist in paying location fees, Gear, and post-production of the film.

All donated funds will be appropriated on screen to the finished film. All donations are tax deductible through the Australian Cultural Fund. The Symmetry team would be deeply grateful if you would consider contributing. All donors will also be invited to the premiere screening on the Gold Coast which will be held at Event Cinemas.


Robert Plaza




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Filmmaker and aspiring Cinematographer Rob is primarily driven by film work that sits at the intersection of art, film and design. Rob is Ambitious with a lively imagination and a passion for film.

Not have attended any film school or done any course, he has learnt most of his skills through online tutorials and becoming apart of different industry bodies such as the Australian Cinematographers Society. Never the less the passion, research and determination has gotten him into numerous festivals. Recently picking up a highly commended award for cinematography in America.


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