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Support a Melbourne art institution! RED Gallery, one of the most loved independent gallery’s nestled firmly in Fitzroy’s dynamic Art’s Precinct since 2002, is looking for support during challenging times for the arts.

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RED Gallery is one of Melbourne’s most loved independent gallery’s nestled firmly in Fitzroy’s dynamic Art’s Precinct since 2002. This artist-led and driven gallery has been supporting and showcasing incredible artistic talent in all stages of their careers but especially at the ‘grass-roots’ level, giving artists a warm and supportive platform to showcase their innovations and passions.

Our scarlet doors have hosted artists such as: Adrian Doyle, Steve Rosendale, Emily Ferretti, Graeme Doyle, Steve Cox, Louisa Jenkinson, Yvette Coppersmith, Aly Aitken, Kate Hendry, Julie Silvester, Isabel Davies, Damon Kowarsky, Michael Staniak, Nora Sumberg, Colleen Morris, Spike F**K, Deborah Williams, Lucy Irvine, John Bodin, Barbara Bolt, Tim Jones, Peter Clarke to name a few.

We are a space that pushes art boundaries and welcomes multi-modal artists in all stages of their creative career. We offer support, creative mentorship and opportunity to be part of the RED family. We also offer workshops for artists and the general community.

RED Gallery is everything that makes art important in our community. We support young emerging students with our annual New Blood Graduate Show as well as female artists in our annual Ladies in Red exhibition. We provide innovative, dynamic and creative mentorship for artists and students in the various stages of their career.

As the owner and Creative Director of RED, I have over 20 years experience as a visual artist but also as an award-winning Art Consultant and Curator with career highlights that include working for the Ministry of Culture at the Athens Olympics and curating art for the Royal Family of Dubai. The gallery is a family business and I have run the business as a Sole-Trader for many years which means the company did not qualify for any of the business grants offered by the government for the COVID19 crisis.

I am seeking support for the ongoing costs to keep these wonderful scarlet doors open as well as the ability to plan dynamic and exciting shows for the future at RED. We are reaching out to the generous community to support our beautiful space during these challenging times.

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Operating since 2002, RED Gallery, is one of Melbourne’s oldest and most iconic gallery spaces nestled firmly in Fitzroy’s dynamic and vibrant Arts Precinct.

The gallery has, over the years, welcomed thousands of multi-modal artists and creative forerunners through their much-loved scarlet doors. The space is synonymous with showcasing some of the country’s finest established artists, already well represented in national and international collections, alongside mid-range, emerging and young talent to create dynamic and invigorating creative collaborations.

At the creative helm of RED is award-winning conceptual and ideas-driven artist and Creative Director, Elle R.D, with over twenty years experience and an international background in a wide range of visual and strategic strengths in the creative industries. Career highlights include working as a Creative Director and Art Consultant in London, South Africa, Greece and the Middle East as well as for the Cultural Ministry for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. She has consulted for architects, the hospitality industry, property developers and high-profile international brands such as JWT, Samsung, Vodafone, Sky Television and UEFA. As well as having had the opportunity to work in the Middle East as an Art Consultant for the Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates.

Her role as the owner and Creative Director of RED Gallery, has given her the opportunity to be an active forerunner in the Melbourne contemporary art scene. Passionate about the arts, spatial design, cultural management and creative mentorship she is an accomplished workshop facilitator, writer and public speaker for the creative arts, trend forecasting and futurism as well as a champion for general artistic wellbeing, youth mentorship and the therapeutic attributes of the arts and the importance of art in architectural design and urban planning.


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