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Supporting local artists through the Mill’s program including:

– international masterclasses
– residencies for dance, theatre, circus
– exhibition/research programs for visual artists
– studios for 40+ artists

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The Mill is dedicated to providing development and presentation opportunities to a wide range of South Australian artists. We aim to raise their profiles, help them build national and international networks and become professional leaders across the arts sector.

Our Angas St. location is a hub of creative connectivity that encourages collaboration, fosters meaningful relationships & strategic partnerships. We provide artist studio spaces, creative industry offices, exhibition and performance spaces, kilns and ceramics firing facilities and writers nooks. We know that artists also need friendly faces, advice and the occasional cheese platter to get them to their vision – hence the value of The Mill.

Support for the 2018 program will enable The Mill to increase its artistic capacity and deliver on-going artistic programs – particularly for new artists.

Your support ensures The Mill can continue to support SA’s brightest and best artists to make, create and thrive in a vibrant artistic community.

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The Mill is unique in SA, providing arts programming adjacent to its vibrant community of Associate Artists and CBD gallery. It is a multi-artform creative incubator that programs and supports collaborative practice through developing new work and facilitating sustainable career pathways.

Established 2013, The Mill was initially imagined as a junction between visual art, movement, dance and theatre. The Mill has a strong curatorial focus with a particular interest in interdisciplinary projects, site-specific and audience-focused creative direction.

The Mill’s vision is focused on broadening the South Australian lens to look nationally and internationally. It facilitates the creation of new through local connections and partnerships in Sweden, Canada and Indonesia.

The Mill’s program includes workshops and masterclasses with visiting artists and opportunities open nationally, increasing creative visitors and new opportunities in South Australia.


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