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Supercell 2020: People and Planet

Supercell Dance Festival is back in 2020 with its fourth festival edition.

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Australia’s premier festival of contemporary dance will take over Brisbane when it returns for its fourth year with a full city immersive showcase of art, creativity and storytelling; inviting people to discover, participate and connect.

Running from 21-29 February 2020, Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance will share its thought-provoking and innovative cultural showcase to the people of Brisbane as dance takes over iconic landscapes, urban and green spaces spanning workshops, talks, social gatherings and performances. Featuring international guests, national companies and local independents the program embraces the big, the bold and the brave curated around the theme of ‘People and Planet’.

Looking to the age of the Anthropocene, the power of people and our influence on the planet has never been more present. The choices we make of how we live, work and play is a series of endless decisions. Some of us weigh our impact on a micro-level: keep cups, second hand clothes, electric cars and tiny homes, while others look at systems and structures such as economic degrowth, private investments and swinging government priorities.

Taking time to reflect and meditate on what we value in the world around us and what kind of future we want our planet to have has never been more important. Recognising our impact on the world around us and the interconnected nature of people and place is paramount. Where we place our intentions is where our collective conscious inhabits.

This is the space in which we can take stock of our humanity, reflect on the built and natural environs around us and ultimately consider what our future holds. This is what Supercell 2020 offers in taking dance to public spaces and sites of Brisbane.

In ensuring sustainable practice for our People and our Planet it is important we expand our presentation platforms to consider low-carbon impacts and to reach the widest possible audiences. In 2020 we are considering this in our programatic model: Be Accessible and Be Considered. So this year we are stepping out of the theatre and onto the streets to surprise and delight audiences in their every day interactions.

This year’s festival program is FREE to the public.

However to truly be sustainable we still need to keep the business running, paying staff, seeding new artistic works, and providing safe, inclusive and exquisite cultural experiences. Your donation can help us achieve this core work and ensure the sustainability of the organisation in the months in-between each festival program.

In light of recent climate crisis across Australia, and in comradeship with our fellow people, 50% of all Donations to Supercell will be shared directly with The Red Cross and the Bushfire donations.

Helping Art, Helping People,

Supercell is an annual festival presenting contemporary dance in all it’s wildest forms. Championing civic engagement, social change and critical dialogue through contemporary dance, Supercell aspires to be a cultural hub lead right from the heart of Brisbane.


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