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Sunshine Coast Writers Festival

THE 2nd annual Sunshine Coast International Readers and Writers Festival (SCIRWF) is being staged at Coolum in Queensland on August 12 and 13 this year.

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Sunshine Coast International Readers and Writers Festival (SCIRWF) is being staged at Coolum in Queensland on August 12 and 13 this year (2017) after a successful launch last year which featured more than 100 international, national and regional writers, poets, publishers, songwriters, graphic artists and performers.

Our festival celebrates our region’s rich creative talent, Indigenous heritage, our surfing culture and our passionate care for the environment. The festival brings together regional, Australian and international writers (including journalists, illustrators, publishers, photographers, poets and songwriters) on a world stage – creating a space for conversation and connection across cultural and geographic divides.

Our festival provides a much-needed international platform for our regional Sunshine Coast regional creatives and emerging creatives to not only promote their work, but to also connect with national and international creatives for mentorship, networking and career development.

Our annual weekend festival is partnering with groups from a variety of genres to develop workshops and masterclasses throughout the years to develop individual careers. Creatives include writers, songwriters, poets, children’s and YA authors, scriptwriters, illustrators, performance poets and publishers. The Sunshine Coast is a growing region which has embraced this festival as their own cultural platform to attract national and international creatives to present in this region.

Donations will be used to fund the career development of our creatives, fund the performances of artists at our 2017 festival and the staging of our festival. Our festival aspires to recognise the talent of our artists, performers and presenters by paying decent money for their performances.

Your donations will help attract and bring together an ever-increasing vibrant community of artists from not just across Australia, but from around the world. Your funding will help our festival achieve its aim of putting Queensland’s Sunshine Coast firmly on the international cultural map.

The 2017 Sunshine Coast International Readers and Writers Festival (2nd annual) takes place at Coolum Civic Centre and workshop/presentation marquees in the surrounding Jack Morgan Park which also features Artisan market stalls celebrating Indigenous and regional crafts.

The Festival provides a platform for creatives across many literary genres (children’s and YA authors and illustrators, adult fiction and non-fiction, comic book/graphic artists, poetry, songwriting, slam poetry and publishing).

The not-for-profit Festival pays tribute to the Sunshine Coast’s rich Aboriginal heritage through storytelling, discussions and workshops and also acknowledges the region’s beach and surfing culture which has inspired many writers to produce books, songs and artworks celebrating such a creative landscape.


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