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Suicide Row

Disarmingly funny. Inescapably powerful. Angry, raw and life affirming. A celebration of the beauty of men. A robust journey to real hope.

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We are staging an Anti-Suicide Play aimed at men.

We are aware of the gravity of this issue. Therefore we had several men read it. We refused to proceed unless they thought it would help. The response was an overwhelming – “You must put this on!” A call for actors, again an overwhelmingly positive response.

About Suicide Row
After finding themselves stuck on the way to the after life, four Australian men discover that their individual suicide attempts have miraculously failed. But if this isn’t the end then why are they stuck? The Gods never reply. And as time slows and as hindsight drags in an inescapable tide of regret, these men come to wonder if in order to escape this frustrating nothingness and return home, does life expect them to do something first. If so, what?

The play, aimed at men, both young and older is powerful but not bleak, funny but not black and while it has a clear anti-suicide message, it does not preach. We are about to start rehearsals. We run 1-14 November.

Why help us?
If you have been touched by suicide and feel that as a community we need to bring the issue out of the silence then we urge you to help us stage this play. Despite the awful numbers as a rule we stay silent in the fear that talking about suicide encourages other attempts. But despite the silence, the rates are rising.

The beauty of this play is not only does it dive into the issue but it is remarkably entertaining and uplifting. You will like these characters and their disarming humour. And while there are poignant moments, it is the humour that makes the piece palatable. This is important. Too heavy and people won’t urge others to see it, too light and it’s pointless. The mix is essential and we believe this play has nailed it. At our first reading men were extremely moved and stayed to talk. This is exactly what we want. This is why after every performance an informal forum will be held where the audience will be free to stay and talk.

We are asking for financial support with the premiere production of a two week season at a new Melbourne theatre space.

The money raised will be spent on the following:
– Paying the actors
– Production team
– Rehearsal room hire
– The set
– Theatre venue hire
– Marketing and promotions

We believe this is a very special and important play and we hope that in this first season it will not only be seen as such, but will attract community interest and further funding to see it tour.


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As an Actor / Producer I am drawn to projects that are real and raw.

Stories that capture a part of society that is often not talked about. Characters and stories that hit a nerve and therefore ignite discussion. ‘The Magnolia Tree’ is one of those. I have been involved in theatre for a long time.

Originally from London I have done everything from physical theatre, my passion, to Restoration Comedy. I have performed mostly original writing over the last 10 years and work with the writer Michael Griffith on his plays – including two comedies ‘The Seagull King’ and ‘Australia Dot Com, Decoupage Skin’ and a series of short plays.

Among other things I am part of a creative team, all 45 plus, called Grizzlments over the last year. We are producing a comedy web series about a group of over 45 year olds trying to get a comedy web series up and all the obstacles we face. I am driven to get great stories made and apart from plays am also working on a couple of films.


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