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Styckx Theatre

Styckx Theatre is a bespoke bamboo structure and the visually striking heart of the Nati Frinj Biennale. This enchanting playground theatre becomes a gathering place that hosts an array of community performance events.

Days Left

Y Space and Nati Frinj Biennale (1-3 Nov 2019) invite you to support the presentation of Styckx Theatre Playground – a spectacular community performance event created within, on and of, the audacious bamboo structure designed by international acclaimed artist, Simon Barley of Bambuco.

We are seeking funds to help buy the sustainably sourced bamboo from Queensland, as well as conduct specialist workshops that rekindle within Natimuk, the skills in bamboo construction developed by Bambuco.

Context: Bambuco was known all through Europe and Asia for audacious one-off, site-specific installations. The construction of which became performances in their own right. The year before Simon’s death in 2007, Y Space commissioned him to design a repeatable installation which we could build and then develop a unique performance that spoke to the nature of the materials from which it evolved.  This he aptly titled “Theatre”.

After 3 iterations, Styckx Theatre became thus after Mr Styckx, a bamboo being, was found living there.

To bring one of Simon’s last bamboo commissions to life in Natimuk would not only celebrate the practice of an extraordinary artist who made Natimuk his base, but also the skills of the climbers who drew him here and the spirit of the initial Y Space commission and collaboration.

Styckx Theatre is a 3-fold project involving skills development in bamboo construction, a large community performance event Styckx Playground, and the creation of a venue and centrepiece for the 2019 Nati Frinj community and audience.

Two enormous bamboo arches intersect to create this cavernous 45 m long, 25 m wide and 16 m tall bamboo theatre space that is Styckx Theatre…. a symphony of sound, a playground of possibility and home of Mr Styckx and his bamboo world inspiring awe and delight through completely new theatre experience.

But there’s more:
Through Styckx Theatre, Y Space and Nati Frinj Biennale, collaborate and explore a model for future touring that innovatively engages a host community in skills development and unique performance events.

To find out more about Styckx Theatre, please visit natifrinj.com/styckx-theatre

Y Space is an aerial performance company based in Natimuk and established in 1999. We work with rock climbers, dancers, circus performers and other artists to create work in high and unusual places.

Highlights include the Colony 2002 on the Arts Centre Melbourne spire, Silos for Nati frinj Festivals and the Regional Arts Meeting Place conference 2003,04,05,11,17, Insite Arts Advent Calendar-Federation Square 2006-08, Commonwealth Games 2006 -Coal Dredger, Elements highrise HongKong 2007, Poppethead Bendigo for the Regional Centre of Culture 2018… also rockfaces, bamboo structures, highrise buildings et al.

Climb it – then redefine it! Y Space also has a strong community engagement practice inherent within the development of site specific work. This focuses on skill development and building capacity both within the company and the community with which it co-creates.


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