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Stringmania is an all ages immersive music camp for learning, sharing and creating traditional and contemporary string music, exploring our identity, our heritage, and the future of Australian string playing.

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Stringmania is all about exploring what it means to live and make music in a multicultural country such as ours, what feeds our creativity, where we put down our roots, and what the future of string playing looks like in Australia. Australian string playing is largely embedded in traditions from other countries, and brought here by immigrants, such as Scottish fiddle, Classical violin and Bluegrass. Often the music and culture that surrounds each tradition continues to reference its place of origin. In many ways, these musical traditions and cultures continue to be grafted onto our identity as Australians.

By gathering some of the top musicians, composers, thinkers and teachers together from Australia and around the world, Stringmania seeks to both explore these traditions, while providing an inclusive, all ages, all levels access point for personal exploration, growth and questioning for all string players, as we co create our identity as Australian people and musicians.

Australians have a wealth of cultural resources: from the priceless knowledge and perspectives of the Indigenous peoples of this country, to the food, music and art of the myriad of immigrants from around the world. While ours is such a rich environment to explore, we also experience difficulties, such as a lack of appreciation and education about what all these cultures have to offer. Also present are more concrete issues like the cost of travelling to and around Australia. Crafting and inviting a select team of musicians, dancers and wordsmiths of the highest quality to lead these explorations is costly. Stringmania does not simply provide a service, it is creating a culture, and thus the financial cost must not dictate the quality or breadth of the camp staff, or the experience the campers receive.

Your donation will directly enable Stringmania to cover the costs of bringing key people to teach at the camp. Surplus funds will roll over to the following year. Alasdair Fraser (Scottish fiddle, co-Artistic Director) and Natalie Haas (cello) from the USA are world leaders in both traditional string playing and teaching, and in facilitating safe, inspiring, innovative camps around the world. Their reputation, experience and passion is a key asset to the camp, as we grow into our own identity and clarify our purpose. Each year the camp imports one or two other international artists, to position the camp on the world stage and add a wider range of perspectives and skills. Local staff are selected for their performance, teaching and creative skills, alongside how the whole team will collaborate, balancing knowledge and philosophies to create a vibrant forum for camp attendees to immerse themselves in. Stringmania pays a fee to tutors, plus their travel and board at camp. Visit Facebeook and Instagram for 2019 camp updates.

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Stringmania is an immersive camp for string musicians from beginner to advanced, who are passionate or curious about contemporary and traditional string based music. Specific tuition is delivered by fiddle, cello, double bass, guitar, song and dance exponents, plus special guests from musical cultures around the world. It’s not a prescriptive course; rather a place to bring your questions, needs, strengths, fears and hopes, and choose your own camp adventure.

Stringmania is volunteer run, directed by Alasdair Fraser and Chris Stone (The String Contingent) and auspiced by the Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club. It follows in the tradition of Alasdair’s hugely popular and influential music camps like Valley of the Moon and Sierra Fiddle Camp in California, Crisol de Cuerda in Spain and Skye Fiddle Camp in Scotland.

We aim to nurture the development of our voices as people and musicians by looking deep into the rich music and dance traditions from around the world, into the idea of Australian musical identity, and into the future of string playing in Australia. Stringmania is a camp for people who value the support and enrichment of an open minded, inclusive community.