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“Circus for the fearless, the urban. A beautiful portrait of human defiance, of connection, of adrenalin.” – Augusta Supple,  Australian Stage

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Branch Nebula has a 20 year history of creating and performing award-winning street-style performances in Australian regions and cities to Hong Kong, Finland and Chile, presenting works in skateparks, warehouses and urban wastelands.

We create opportunities for young street style artists; skaters, BMXers, parkourists and dancers, to make new work in, with and for communities who don’t typically go to the theatre or participate in main-stream arts and cultural events.

We’ve made a unique set of portable skate ramps which enable us to increase participation and community engagement even more. The ramps can be dropped in anywhere there’s flat space, meaning we can invite more regional and city communities to use the ramps in workshops and performances.

The first outing of the ramps will be in a new show we’ll premiere in October 2019 as part of a major event in one of Sydney’s most prominent locations for a week-long season of free activities.

Our street-style work engages hard to reach audiences; youth, and the culturally and economically marginalized. Our projects are free and attract families who go to the theatre, to people who exist on the fringes and hang out in skate parks.

Representation matters; we employ artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and women skaters. We demonstrate pathways in non-traditional roles to youth at risk who are often the participants in our residencies.

We develop young performers in a way which favours who they are and what they do as highly virtuosic artists. The widely accepted perception is that street-style forms are sport, but many of the practitioners pursue creative interests: photography, videography, music, craft, cultural events, choreography and design. Our process acknowledges their art and creates a meeting point to develop a common language for BMX, skating, dance, parkour and music; aiming to extend these forms into new and unimagined territory.

Donations to our campaign go directly towards artist fees and costs of the custom-designed ramps. These structures are being made to last beyond our premiere season, for touring around Australia to other prominent locations on the street and in theatres. They’ll flat pack and give us the mobility to present our shows in a wider and more accessible variety of locations for years to come.

Our presentation in October is a significant opportunity to gain exposure for the work to ensure its longevity beyond the premiere season. Our history demonstrates that we have ongoing relationships across Australia’s cities and regions, and our investment in the infrastructure of this work gives us the best chance to see it take place again, creating further employment for the young artists in our team.

Your contribution help us to take our unique, award winning street-style work out of the skate park and right to the feet of new and diverse audiences, creating opportunities for increased engagement of audiences alike.

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Branch Nebula is one of Australia’s most adventurous performance companies. Working at the nexus between theatre, dance, sport and street-styles, we are a multiple award winning company who immerse our diverse audiences in the creativity of urban landscapes and vital theatre experiences.

We are passionately engaged with street culture – shopping malls, protests, community vogue balls, skate competitions – and we have a discriminating awareness of movements in contemporary arts.

We are provocateurs, facilitating audiences to question their expectations, engagement and interaction with ‘theatre’. We stimulate a shift in societal and political perception, encouraging individual and personal responses about who is on stage, and who it is acceptable to look at.

We present our works in skate parks of regional Australia when appropriate, and in major festivals and contemporary art centres in inner cities when that fits.


Brigid Kitchin


Celia White


Yana Taylor


Antony Hamilton


Natalie De Vito


Cindy Karim Rodgriguez


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