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Stage-to-Screen: FAMILY VALUES

David Williamson’s penultimate play, FAMILY VALUES, will be filmed at Sydney’s Griffin Theatre and released to cinema, streaming and education audiences across the country.

Days Left

Australian Theatre Live is a not-for-profit organisation seeking funding to film David Williamson’s FAMILY VALUES: ★★★★ ‘A powerful, funny and poignant call to action’ – Harriet Cunningham, Sydney Morning Herald

Our Mission

Our purpose is to inspire, encourage and promote artistic achievement at every level of society and enable all Australians to enjoy and participate in the development of our artistic heritage. Audiences in rural and regional Australia have enthusiastically responded to our releases thus far.

Advances in digital recording and distribution enable us to ‘capture’ live theatrical performances in high quality, expanding audiences for live theatre dramatically. This means that important plays in Australia’s cultural landscape can be seen by more than those attending live metropolitan seasons.

FAMILY VALUES will be made available online and as an education resource for drama and English students across the country by the end 2020.

Already our plays have been screened in over 40 cinemas and arts centres around the country and with your contribution – many more!

The Play

FAMILY VALUES is one of Williamson’s most important plays, and one he’s most proud of. It highlights the fault lines that divide us over the plight of refugees, and asks us to choose freedom over reputation, empathy over a balanced budget, and to abandon a deeply flawed system for the sake of our own humanity.

This sell-out season of FAMILY VALUES is Williamson at his best, a blackly comic drama that directly challenges what many Australians like to believe is an open, compassionate, virtuous and multicultural society.

His belief that comedy can reveal our harshest truths is undiminished along with his conviction that theatre can confront, challenge and change hearts and minds. The arts are vital to a civil society, especially live performance theatre with its ability to focus, debate and reflect on modern moral values.

Your Donation

Donations in this campaign will go towards employing experienced film and theatre technicians, including:
• 5 camera operators
• high quality camera equipment
• filmed performance and rights fees for cast of 7
• production costs

An important result is the creation of an educational resource aimed at students interested in the live performance industry. This resource will form part of a digital library of great Australian stories on stage. Audiences now have a front row seat to the theatre, which, for many, may have previously been inaccessible.

You can find out more about our growing Australian Theatre library by visiting our website ( and following our social media on Facebook or Instagram.

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Australian Theatre Live is a not-for-profit organisation. Our principle purpose is to inspire, encourage and promote artistic achievement at every level of our society and to enable all Australians to enjoy, criticise and participate in the development of our artistic heritage.

Using new advances in digital technology to film live performance theatre, we aim to distribute to rural, regional, metropolitan and international audiences. Our vision is to make more Australian theatre accessible and affordable to arts lovers regardless of location, language or education, and to archive our theatre heritage for future generations.


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