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Sound, Nature, Music, Art

This project is about making music from nature and turning abstract soundscapes mashed up, with electronic beats and string sections featuring additional vocals; this encompasses the concept of jazz improv to a visual.

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The project is about making something happen from nothing, by this I mean that I’m taking aspects of the natural world and reconstructing those elements into a new product. This is a new piece of experimental music with a visualisation that is played along to the music simultaneously.

The main outcome for this type of a project is limited to an art audience and restricted to an art gallery setting, with private sales, or niched online sales.

This project is important because of the necessity of independent artists such as myself to produce future works for aspiring future artists and other people from the same creative industries.

The donations will be used to help pay for the project basically because of the nature of the current situation globally and the factor of the art audience as the target range of fellow emerging to semi-professional artists.

The funds will support the making and production of the said body of artworks across production, labour and equipment if needed.


Brett Cowan





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Hi, I am a highly motivated, professional, and confident designer and musician with a down to earth, well-articulated, and easy-going manner.

I also have successfully been responsible for the development, creativity, and innovation as a new image for many clients based on my ability as a creative artist and music producer.

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