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Sorry, Baby

A short film exploring the almost unconquerable hold that anorexia can have on a person.

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‘Sorry, Baby’ follows Jordan, a young anorexic woman resisting recovery who faces the extreme consequences of her low body weight when she becomes lost in remote Tasmanian bushland. She is forced to fight for her survival while battling her rapidly declining body.

As a filmmaker, I am interested in the ways in which we become our own enemies, preventing growth and expansion in sometimes inexplicable ways. Telling the story of someone trapped in their own body, both physically and mentally, is of vital importance to me.

Anorexia is a particularly pernicious condition. It’s a gripping disease that requires superhuman strength to carry, and then misdirects that strength inward as pressure, shame, guilt and self hatred. It also has the highest death rate of any mental illness (20% in 20 years).

Through making this film I am exploring the disease as a condition that won’t let you out until you break through, regardless of the experiences that life throws at you or the things people say to you. It will only end when you have the strength and desire to end it.

‘Sorry, Baby’ is my graduating film project for The Victorian College of the Arts. The completed film will be screened in December at Capitol Theatre.

Any donations received will go towards the many components of shooting a film interstate. Our generous and talented cast and crew are volunteering their time, skills and passion toward the project – for which we are very grateful! In return we are providing them with transport to Tasmania (from Victoria/NSW), accommodation and nutritious meals during the week-long production period. We will also be incurring costs for the hire of some specialised film equipment and for the production design requirements of the film.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration of this project. It really means a great deal to us.

Hana (and the whole ‘Sorry, Baby’ team)


Hana Maeorg



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Hana has a background in design and costume for both screen and theatre. She is currently completing her graduate year at The Victorian College of the Arts, specialising in narrative film direction. She hopes to always be able to attach herself to heartfelt, strong and effusive projects particularly by and about women.