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Inspired by Antarctica, Solveig is conceived as an integrated audio-visual creation designed to be experienced as a durational live performance in galleries or large-scale indoor spaces.

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Emulating the patterns of the continent’s Emperor Penguins – performing intricate choreography while they cluster for warmth, sharing resources to survive in an extreme climate – Solveig uses scientific data to create slowly shifting colour pulsations, projected onto a canopy of holographic gauze. Haunting colour spectrums move slowly across the canopy, almost coalescing into occasional images, before dispersing once more into light. During the performance, musicians play live – every sound is collected in a system of infinite sustain, dispersed around the installation via an invisible sound design.

Visitors to Solveig are free to wander, sit or lie on the floor – ebbing and flowing, entering and leaving at any point in a durational live performance. They become participants, influencing these converging energy systems.

Timeline for fundraising is six months from June 2020.

Antarctica is one of the clearest indicators of the environmental emergency, and Solveig aims to increase empathy with our ecosystem by creating an experience for a diverse range of audiences which will draw them into a personal connection to Antarctica, and our complicity in its endangerment.

Envisaged as an ambitious ground-breaking work fusing arts and science, Solveig is conceived as an audio-visual collaboration made by a team of Australian, Norwegian and British audio artists, visual artists and scientists, all at the peak of their practice.

Research and development is underway and Solveig requires financial support to fully commission/realise the work.

The donations will be used to support the artists, technicians and crew and for materials and technology to create the audio-visual installation, which will be experienced as a durational live performance in galleries or large-scale indoor spaces.

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Solveig is a collaboration between artistic and scientific communities, and will be informed by data driven by scientific information collected from a twelve-month cycle on Antarctica.

The work will be created collaboratively by an international team led by Austalian visual artist Amos Gebhardt, and musicians Genevieve Lacey (composer/recorders – pictured above) and Paul Grabowsky (composer/pianist) with Jim Atkins (sound design), Daniel Herskedal (tuba, Norway) and Max de Wardener (electronics, UK).