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Soft-Butch Show Queen

A new performance art work, titled, Soft-Butch Show Queen (SBSQ), uses popular music & music parody, to explore projected identities of a gay man.

Part self-exploration & autobiographical.

It’s the show queen.

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My performance work has been described as truly unique, ahead of its time and an assault on the senses. I create performances that push the boundaries of theatrical convention, that are part beat-poetry and cutting edge performance art. My professional credits include Melbourne Theatre Company and I starred in the cult classic film, Welcome to Woop Woop.

Within this new work, I’ve created a character named Shirl, who fabricates aspects of a hyper-masculine identity online. I interweave my autobiographical experience as a cancer survivor and aspects of my life as a gay man.

My job is making this entertaining and funny. Cancer is no joke.

This is an exciting project where I’ve collaborated with UK music producer Steve Christie, Colin Janz from Canada and Kurt Seddon from New York. And Melbourne’s Will Conyers, Green Room lifetime award recipient.

I’m presenting free showings, 7pm 26th and 27th July at the Testing Grounds in the heart of Melbourne’s arts precinct, 1 City Rd Southbank. This provides potential donors, like yourself, an opportunity to view the work that you’re contributing towards.

This campaign is seeking funds for the second-stage of the project, that will see the work presented at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in March 2019. Specifically, these donations will go towards marketing and festival registration costs.

Putting your support into this project, no matter how big or small, is significant. This helps me as an independent producer, reduce some of the tremendous risk both creatively and financially.

Your generous support will go towards covering some of the marketing and festival registration costs. Here’s where I need help:

• Festival Registration
• Marketing costs (printing, posters, distribution, online)

These funds will help me connect with a wider audience, by broadening my advertising reach and increase paid posts through social media and physical printing.

Thank you for considering this project.

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I’m a Community Development Worker for a not-for-profit disability Day Services program in Melbourne’s West. I have a background in the performing arts as a professional actor and like most creative professionals have had a number of diverse day jobs.

I’m currently completing a Master Degree in Arts Management at The University of Melbourne. As part of these studies, my research includes a minor thesis project on performance art, space (online and off), privilege and intersectionality.   

My passion is performance art and spaces. I create my performance work under the production name: Bricolage Shows. 

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Internet Communication from Curtin University and a Graduate Diploma of Communication from RMIT.


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