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Skater Girl – Wants to do a backflip

Skater Girl a dance theatre performance inspired by street culture. The dance performance narrates the ambitious story of overcoming obstacles in the mind to learn how to do flips, tricks, and dance on roller-skates.

Days Left

The money raised will go towards Fiona Gardner (Dancer and Choreographer) to attend the Skate Love Music Festival held in Barcelona from 12-15 September 2019 ( to learn skate dance, advance skating and to connect with the global skate culture.

I will return back to Adelaide to undertake private lessons with a local aggressive (ramp skating) roller bladder George Sarantoulias (Monday & Wednesday 4 – 6 pm, 4 November – 16 December 2019: 14 Sessions).

The funds will go towards 6 months membership at Pumpit to practice how to do a flip in the soft pit. The professional development will be documented with a 360-degree fusion go pro. These skills acquired will go towards a solo dance performance for young people (8-12).

Skater Girl is an autobiographical contemporary dance theatre performance about resilience and perseverance in learning a new skill: rollerskating.

Skater Girl is an inspirational story for young people to overcome barriers in the mind to achieve goals. Failure often leads to success, and young people need to learn skills in endurance and resilience to keep on trying.

Without your support, I will not be able to learn the essential skills for the performance Skater Girl, i.e. how to flip on my roller-skates. Seems a bit extreme right…?

I can flip on a trampoline, into a foam pit, yet I am terrible at landing! People often think that I did gymnastics. In fact, I actually only started practicing handstands in my early 20s!!!

I’m asking for support to assist in the professional development stage, to learn essential skills for Skater Girl that will be presented in 2020.

Donations will go towards learning some awesome new skills in skate dance and aggressive skating.

That includes:
Access Cost Barcelona Music Skate Festival Workshops, Access and Networking and private training ($2121)
Pumpit 6 months membership ($300)
Travel to Barcelona ($4505)
360 Go ProFusion ($800)
Branding and Photos for marketing Skater Girl Performance in 2020 ($872)

The training and development will enable me to learn some key skills on quad skates, and to document the process. I will then continue seeking funding and support for the development of Skater Girl to become a site-specific performance for young people in 2020.|

The dance performance Skater Girl is to inspire.

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Fiona Gardner founded Finsart Inc. in 2011 that operates Finsart Studio in Adelaide. The studio hosts and facilitates various dance workshops, classes, residencies and performances since 2015. Fiona has worked on a variety of different performance art projects. Notable projects include collaboration with visual artist Michael Larue on Shattered Perfection, that won the SALA moving image award in 2015. She was the choreographer/filmmaker for a dance parkour project supported by OPAL: SA Health LEAP working with Refugees from Afghanistan, West Africa and Nepal. Other collaborative projects include Guitars and Dance, Aerial Harness performance Quasi-Ideal, Solo performance Indian goddess Kali, site-specific work Cultural Isolation and a sequel performance project that explored psychological addiction What’s Your Crutch?. In 2017, Fiona completed her honours research project on Dance Culturepreneurs’ Experience in Arts Funding to explore the political economic of the performing arts in Adelaide. Fiona works as a professional dancer-choreographer for a variety of directors and schools across SA.


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