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She Writes is an annual new writing and performance collective for emerging or mid-career female-identifying playwrights, generating the next wave of unique performance writing, ready for when theatres become live again.

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Performance writing is an isolating activity by nature, even more so during the current pandemic crisis.

She Writes is a creative writing collective offering vital support from peer and professional networks. Through partnership with the Victorian College for the Arts, each writer is matched with a dramaturg for ongoing feedback and support. Participating writers are deliberately diverse, including LGBTIQ+ identifying and women of colour. This project allows participants to reclaim their narrative and public representation through new works reflecting their experience of ‘here and now’. She Writes will sustain these exceptional writers throughout the current COVID-19 crisis while nurturing new work, future collaborations and career development.

She Writes is crucial as artists experience extreme financial hardship and the decimation of career opportunities. It is a vital support for writers and an invaluable way to capture the experience of living through this pandemic. Arts and culture have never been needed more than in times of crisis and hardship. They bring communities together, break down barriers and encourage greater communication. Theatre acts as a lightning rod for recognition and recovery, helping us to articulate experiences in a deep and often unacknowledged way. Theatre provides narrative and meaning, allowing groups of people to share something transitory and transformative, collaboratively.

During the upheavals of the pandemic, She Writes will generate a wealth of original performance scripts, reflecting the extraordinary times we are living through. It will nurture exceptionally talented female playwrights, provide creative support, industry support and financial support for writers, and ensure that we have dynamic, relevant works ready to mount when the theatre becomes live again.

Your support will fund mentoring, play readings, masterclasses, creative developments and networking sessions for 14 playwrights and their works.

She Writes will:

– Nurture talented female writers from marginalised backgrounds

– Allow female writers to redefine themselves in the public space, constructing and controlling their own representation

– Provide connection to a community of peers and professionals, breaking down the isolation created by the pandemic and providing scaffolded networking opportunities.

– Allow writers to continue to develop their professional skills, creative voice and career opportunities

– Alleviate the financial hardship being experienced by artists, as they struggle with the decimated gig economy, cancelled work, and lack of access to government stimulus packages

– Present these works as part of Theatre Works annual season when the theatre reopens.


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“We want to inspire more people to discover, create and love theatre.”
Theatre Works (TW) is a company, a community and an old Parish Hall located in St. Kilda, Victoria. For nearly 40 years, TW has been a vital national incubator of high-quality Australian theatre. An adventurous presenter, TW unearths and provides a platform for hidden voices and unheard stories from our contemporary community.

TW remains a creative hotbed for independent artists exploring unique perspectives and creative approaches. We present performances that inspire, inform, challenge, entertain and provoke, contributing to the important, ongoing conversations that shape our society.

Programming our season is the visible heartbeat of Theatre Works; by its very nature, the season gives life to our company. A season must provide balance and energy; it must be self-sustainable and self-propelling. For this reason, it should always take place in a larger and more engaged conversation within a company and community, which is what we do.

TW remains passionately committed to enabling artists to achieve their creative ambitions; we bridge the gap in the industry between emerging and mainstream platforms.

Our mission was and always will be: to enable new work, foster and develop new voices, be a vital support for established voices, and welcome and engage new audiences. Our vision is to inspire more people to discover, create and love theatre. Our mission is to enable new work, foster and develop new voices, be a vital support for established voices, and welcome and engage new audiences.

The values that drive Theatre Works are:
• Access + Equity: we are committed to removing the barriers to participation, inclusively engaging with new voices and new communities and ensuring equity in our work
• Curiosity + Courage: we value new ideas, new thinking, artistic experimentation and rigorous creative investigation
• Transparency + Honesty: we listen, we are timely in our communication, we treat people with respect, we lead open and engaged processes.
• Passion + Pride: we don’t have much money and we don’t have an endless pool of resources, but we do care intensely about what we do. We will celebrate and champion everything we do. We want to be proud in our work and for our community to be equally proud of our impact and in everything we achieve.
• Sustainability + Stewardship: we care for the future, we always actively consider our environmental impact and ensure our own future is sustainable


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