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Selby & Friends Moving Forward

We aim to continue with our “world class” series, recently called a “treasured part of the Australian music scene” and heralded as “titans of chamber music”. With the ability to be nimble and flexible, we will survive.

Days Left

This is a precarious time for the Arts globally. Without the ability to present events live and in person in our customary venues around Australia, Selby & Friends pivoted quickly in early 2020 to enable artists and our audiences to remain connected through the medium of digital technology and the beauty of high quality sound and film recording of live performances.

Earlier in 2020, we were fortunate to have the support of two venues in Sydney which allowed us to present concerts to an empty hall and this meant subscribers and patrons could remain in touch with us through these live filmed concerts. We also prepared an enormous amount of extra material in the form of concert program booklets, behind-the-scenes interviews with the artists, picture galleries and mini films.

With both old and new friends involved in the 2020 Season, and with scheduled international artists unable to come to Australia, we have uncovered new skills and forged new friendships. And we were extremely fortunate to have the continued and extremely generous support of subscribers and patrons throughout.

With so much uncertainty at the moment, planning an entire new season is almost impossible without the knowledge that artists can travel, meet, rehearse and perform to audiences in person. However, we have enormous hope. Music must continue to be heard and performed. Artists must continue to practice our craft and persevere. We aim to be flexible and nimble and to respond to the environment as best we can.

We cannot do this without your generosity and support and your vision. Surviving as we always have predominantly on ticket sales, we are now even more dependent on your support for our very survival.

Having been a vital and iconic part of the Australian music scene for more than 30 years, it is important to keep established ensembles alive as well as supporting young artists through our mentoring program and so we ask once again for your assistance at this crossroads in Australian arts and culture.

We invite you to visit our website to see the enormous amount of work undertaken during 2020 to remain in touch with our valued subscribers and patrons and indeed with the general public everywhere.

All funds were used to engage artists, venue costs, technical costs for audio and filming and some promotion where possible. Funds raised through this platform would continue to be used to present concerts in any way we can, to support our fellow artists and colleagues, to promote the futures of young Australian artists as we have done in 2020 and for the many years leading up to 2020, and to reach out and connect through our music with Australian and global audiences.

Our website has much more detail about the special films created, video content and links to social media.

You can contact us directly at info@selbyandfriends.com.au or call us on 1300 511 099.



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Beginning in 2007, Selby & Friends was created by Australian pianist, Kathryn Selby AM with a special emphasis on chamber music. Her guests have included many of the finest solo and ensemble performers from Australia and around the world.

She regularly commissions new works and presents young stars of the future in her Development Artists program. ABC Classic FM broadcasts each tour program as do local Fine Arts stations.


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