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WA’s Seesaw Magazine seeks your support to continue to provide a platform for professional arts journalism that generates and accelerates conversation about the arts amongst artists, audiences and the wider community.

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During 2019, Seesaw Magazine, Western Australia’s digital platform for the arts, established itself as the one stop shop, providing an independent, authoritative voice for the arts in the state. Support for Seesaw has been overwhelming as we work to establish a sustainable business model.

Seesaw is incorporated as a Not For Profit Association and will appoint its inaugural board and officially launch Seesaw in April 2020. An advisory group of senior arts leaders is currently providing strategic advice and support. The State Government recently confirmed funding to enable us to pay our editors and contributors who, until now, have volunteered their services.

Seesaw’s vision is to track, gather and disseminate arts events into the wider community, the tourism market and nationally. The breadth and professionalism of the coverage together with the support of the arts community will make the platform an influential voice that will generate and accelerate conversation about the arts.

Seesaw offers a vital piece of infrastructure that is currently missing in Western Australia’s arts scene, linking artists with their audiences. Seesaw is providing exposure and critical analysis of WA artists and companies, increasing audience development for the sector and providing career pathways for diverse arts writers and journalists.

Readership has grown almost 80% in the past year. This growth reflects the demand for a quality arts voice and we project growth will increase further in 2020. Our strongest demographic is the 25-34 age group (27% of readers). More than 50% of our readers are aged 25-44, confirming that we are engaging and developing the next generation of arts lovers in Western Australia.

Seesaw is partnering with government, business, philanthropists and a membership of readers to build financial sustainability. We invite you to donate to Seesaw to support its key role as an essential part of Western Australia’s arts infrastructure.

Drawing on decades of experience, respected arts journalists Nina Levy and Rosalind Appleby lead a team of WA’s most diverse and authoritative professional arts writers to provide the most dedicated and comprehensive arts coverage in the state. We are committed to creating an enduring platform for professional arts journalism that ignites conversation amongst artists, audiences and the wider community.

Adam Suckling, chief executive of The Copyright Agency said recently, “Arts review and criticism … helps audiences engage with new work, facilitates the conversation about who we are and what we value, and provides a form of feedback, both positive and challenging for creators. It makes us better people.” Seesaw will be a major independent contributor to that conversation.

Your donation will directly support the wages and fees of our arts journalists and team of over 20 contributors during 2020. Seesaw seeks to raise $25,000 in total by 31 March 2020 and invites you to make a donation now.


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Based in Western Australia, Seesaw Magazine is an independent digital arts magazine founded in August 2017 and co-edited by respected arts journalists Nina Levy and Rosalind Appleby. Drawing on decades of experience in the arts, they lead a team of WA’s most diverse and authoritative arts writers to provide the most dedicated and comprehensive arts coverage in the State.

WA’s arts and culture risks being undervalued by the public because of a growing vacuum in the coverage and critical appraisal of the sector. Seesaw has been created to address this problem.

Seesaw is the voice of the creative sector and plays a vital role in engaging and growing an audience for the arts. Our primary beneficiaries are WA’s arts organisations and artists.

Seesaw aims to promote increased participation and connections with the arts,
while fostering and encouraging appreciation of the arts by the WA community. Seesaw produces and publishes information about the arts in an online platform that is editorially independent of the arts sector in WA and which documents, critiques and champions the arts, for the benefit of all people in the WA community.


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