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The Secret World of Cootamundra



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The Secret World is a youth take-over of Cootamundra, in regional NSW. Over one weekend in October, local audiences will be able to explore the Secret World of young people living in the region. Buildings will be lit with vibrant projections, giant puppets will roam the streets alongside performers, robots and storytellers, VR experiences and art installations; all created and curated by local young people with guidance and mentorship from professional artists.

In a time of drought, uncertainty, aging regional populations and growing youth disengagement it’s vitally important that young people’s voices are heard. The Secret World aims to encourage young people to lead the way forward, unifying their communities and taking an active role in civics through the arts.

Help us demonstrate to our communities the value of the arts as something that makes our communities stronger and builds social wellbeing.

We are looking to raise a minimum of $7,000 to turn a 1km stretch of road in Cootamundra into an immersive, theatrical world combining technology with live performance.

100 young people in Cootamundra and surrounding towns have been working on this project regularly since July 2018. Matriark, alongside tech-education provider Coder Academy, has facilitated workshops with local schools, combining technology with live art, design and performance.

This program has brought dozens of young people who might not normally engage in the arts into contact with professional artists and creative thinkers. Now we want to take this to the next level and give these budding artists a large-scale, public exhibition of their work.

We need your help to take over Cootamundra with the stories and creations of these local young people. We want to give them an unforgettable showing their work and encourage them to continue engaging in the civic life of their town and creatively expressing themselves.

We will be using the funds raised from this campaign for the following:

– Projector, lighting and sound hire ($3000): we have a full stretch of road to bring to life with light and sound. All hire will take place from providers in the Riverina.
– Artist wages ($4000): It’s important for us that young people have access to the best and so we have the best working on this project. We are bringing some amazing people to Cootamundra to help bring The Secret World to life. These include Digital Media Artist Mark Bolotin and Socially Engaged Artist Hannah Grant.

Help us make a youth event like no other happen in a region that often misses out!

Other costs associated with this event have been funded by the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund.

Previous youth engagement in Cootamundra since 2017 has been possible thanks to generous support from the NSW Department of Education, The Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal, The SBW Foundation and Vodafone Australia.

Matriark Theatre exists to give young people everywhere the chance to experience and create extraordinary, original theatre. We want to inspire young people to tell their own stories and in doing so discover ways they can shape their lives for the better.

Our work is colourful and whimsical, a multi-disciplinary spectacle involving live music, puppetry, digital media and physical theatre. Our motto is big action, small spaces, build worlds made of stories in a way that is accessible for anyone.

We also work in small communities to create work with local young people, drawing from their experiences and stories to create fantastic work to be enjoyed by all. Our education program runs the whole year round and is enjoyed by thousands of young people every year. This program engages with schools, museums, arts centres and local councils and focusses on teaching young people simple storytelling skills.

Matriark Theatre is a small arts organisation that packs a huge punch – our impact far exceeds our size. Come along on the journey as we continue to grow and make the arts more inclusive and accessible to audiences far and wide.

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