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Schoolies Trip X – Short Film

Schoolies Trip X shows the excitement of school graduation through the eyes of 4 young male protagonists, who find themselves fighting for their friend’s life after their trip to schoolies goes south.

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Schoolies Trip is a graduation film of JMC Academy Brisbane. Written/directed by myself, Justin Morkham. After learning many skills throughout years of study, I am about to graduate with my bachelor’s in film and television. Building on my certificate 3 in performance arts, developing my strengths as a director and screenwriter. Rewarding an opportunity to turn the script (Schoolies Trip) into a short film. Achieving this with the friends and colleagues I’ve made along the way.

To achieve this, we need some assistance from other unknown friends. Our target audience 15-25 year olds. The film shows the excitement of graduation and friendship. While also addressing the serious issue of the current drug culture, that surrounds our target audience. Shoot dates are 7th -17th August, finishing post-production in November 2020.

Schoolies Trip an entertaining, exciting, emotional drama, that also has a serious undertone. Addressing the current situation that teenagers face every day, especially around festivals like schoolies. The film carries an important message, that many students are uninformed of the consequences when it comes to possession of ecstasy. Our ambition is to create an exciting, fun, light-hearted film; until our protagonist Ben is forced to suffer the consequences of ingesting esctasty he has brought along with him “to get into party mode”. The journey turns from excitement and anticipation, to worry and concern for Ben’s health.

By creating a fun and exciting film, our target audience will be more engaged. Therefore, when the seriousness of the situation is addressed, the message might be better internalized and perhaps even save a life. Our content may be marginal in achieving this. However, if this film can help one student make better-informed decisions, it can help reduce the overdose rate.

Donations will help with equipment rental, as well as props and costumes. Additionally, feeding the crew is vital as we all work better with a good energized lunch. We are also hopeful that after its film festival runs, the film will be shown at schools, starting with the schools we are working with for the film. We also are hopeful that this film can find an international appeal, perhaps with American audiences with similar youth drug cultures.

To find out more and keep up to date, please visit our Facebook page Schoolies Trip. Let’s help students celebrate their freedom. Thank you, Justin Morkham.

Schoolies Trip coming soon.


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I’m a film student currently studying at JMC Academy in Brisbane.

I’m at that stage in my film career where I want to try and make some form of an impact on the people around me. Hopefully through my films people can see a part of what its like to be me and perhaps gain some insight into the Australian culture. Or at least have a sneaky giggle at my films.


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