Heidi Everett

Community Arts & Cultural Development

Schizy Mojo Film Festival

Creating and exhibiting new short films made by people with lived experience of schizophrenia and PTS recovery.

This project is directed and facilitated by lived experience creative advocate Heidi Everett.

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Mojo Film Festival is held in May for schizophrenia awareness week.

The festival is a project of Schizy Week Incorporated; a group of people with lived experience dedicated to counter negative stereotypes in the public forum with pride-based arts and culture.

Mojo includes beginner filmmaking workshops for anyone with lived experience to learn how to show their story through the art of short film. The only gear they need is a phone camera, we source the rest and we employ professional artists to facilitate the space.

We engage popular social spaces to hold the events i.e. ACMI for the film screening night.

Schizy (Week) Inc is the only public lived experience voice for schizophrenia and similar PTS (post trauma stress) experiences.

There are two main promotional aims of Schizy Inc;

1. the event itself (in 2018, the gala screening night)

2. the lead up. I try to put the word ‘schizophrenia’ into as many industry ears as possible in this period. We only tend to see the word in media when it’s attached to a negative news story or about finding improved medical treatment. Schizy Week and Mojo places the word within positive and proud messages. It’s an energy dense challenge to get that conflicting message into public forum.

The project ends in a gala screening night at a public film venue – in 2018 we’re at ACMI, Fed Square Melbourne.

Funds raised will go toward assisting the artistic director (Heidi) facilitate Schizy Week and Mojo Film Festival throughout the year. This includes all the usual work that goes into project management, event promotion and workshop facilitation. All of which are currently done at no cost.

Some money will also go toward project costs (stationery, admin costs, websites, travel, equipment) and expressing Heidi’s appreciation to the committee.

Schizy Week and Mojo Film Festival offer the sole platform for lived experience-run arts culture. We have a responsibility to hold media and public organisations accountable, to create space for a voice of pride and hope in the social conscience. People on the path of recovery need so much more than just mental health.

Melbourne based multimedia artist and lived experience advocate (mental health).

I really enjoy creating and performing new work through the alchemy of music, illustration, short film, stand up comedy, writing, and public speaking. I love the ‘art’ of the arts. I also dream up and direct public events and projects which reveal the authentic experience of mental health recovery through creative voice.

Major projects include Schizy Week Jam, with 40 musicians from around the globe jamming music together at a bar in north Melbourne via the big screen. For the past two years I’ve been focused on directing Mojo Film Festival; a curation of short films made by people who identify with schizophrenia and other mental health recovery stories.

As a self-taught producer, I love gathering seeds and tending to the business of growing community. The arts are my garden and I adore people wandering through it with me.


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