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SCATTERED PEOPLE is a program of Sweet Freedom. It gives asylum-seekers the opportunity to tell their stories of struggle, hope and strength through song, culminating in the development of an album.

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Singing provides a form of self-expression, comfort, and solidarity for participants – a stark contrast to the turmoil and uncertainty they face in their situation as refugees. In turn, it also serves to increase understanding, awareness, and acceptance of asylum-seekers and their plight in the community.

The only project of its kind in Australia, Scattered People uses the innovative approach of participatory music-making to not only achieve positive outcomes for participants, providing an opportunity for self-expression, the development of a healthy self-identity, and the opportunity to meaningfully contribute, but also to enrich artistic and cultural identity by bringing the diverse sounds and stories of the participants and their home countries to the community.

Leading Australian musicians and technicians are lending their support to the album production and a pro-bono video documentary is being made, showing the creation of the music and the production of the album. Pink Floyd management has given permission for use of “on the turning away” song, and this has been recorded by a refugee to Australia.

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For those who have been displaced or without a home, we offer a community to belong. For those without a voice, we offer an opportunity for expression. For those who have suffered, we provide a chance to tell their story and begin to heal. For the community, we offer an opportunity to educate and understand. For established artists, we offer the opportunity to share their creative skills and solidarity with those in precarious circumstances who will value them. All who are marginalised, we welcome. Through music, we inspire, empower, educate, and transform.

Sweet Freedom is an Australian charity based in Brisbane that uses the innovative approach of participatory music-making to create a community of acceptance. Sweet Freedom prioritises and enriches processes of self-expression, community building, and social change for and with marginalised people.


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