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SALT Festival 2020

Now in its fourth year, SALT Festival provides a platform for artists, innovators, creators and visionaries to showcase their ideas and interact with each other and the wider community.

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Presented over 10 days, from April 17 to 26, SALT Festival 2020 will host a full programme of local, national and international performers, artists, comedians, thought leaders, writers and innovators in the communities of the Southern Eyre Peninsula South Australia.

The SALT Festival is all about “Anything is possible”. Each year the SALT team put out a call across Australia and the world with a very simple description of what the festival is and how to get involved. The call-out is designed to showcase artist, innovators and individuals who want to tell a story that is the power of self-expression fully realised. People make art, tell stories, engage in daily activities, wish for a better world and quite often do and create extraordinary things. SALT Festival offers a platform to express things differently, be bold, try something new, or tell a story that hasn’t been told before.

The Festival encourages a culture that focuses on creating a sustainable future by caring for the planet and recognising that astonishing things can happen when innovative people connect and work together.

SALT celebrates the impact of people converging though creative practice in arts, innovation, conferences and discussion, providing platforms for innovators and professionals to contribute and connect.

SALT surprises and engages. Art, innovation and creativity are the keys to transforming communities, solving wicked problems, progress, sustainability and so much more.

SALT features local and touring music, artists, large scale music performances, art exhibitions, science, conferences, comedy, environment, workshops, food, wine, visual arts, photography, and so much more.
All set in one of the most exquisite locations on the planet.

Supporting SALT is investing in hope. You are invited to encourage and support a model that brings communities and the world together to celebrate who we are, and how we connect.

Please support this project. Come and join us/the team and be part of SALT 2020.

Your philanthropic contribution will be used to cover program costs and grow the 2020 audience offerings that will be curated by the SALT Festival team.

Your support is appreciated.

To find out more about SALT Festival, find us on Facebook and Instagram or via our website

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Southern Eyre Arts(SEA) is an incorporated not for profit organisation based in Port Lincoln, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.

SEA’s primary focus is on the development and delivery of SALT, an arts, innovation and conference festival that will be staged on an annual basis in the region and across the nation and the world through online platforms.

SALT is all about creativity and the role it plays in transforming the future and enriching the present.

SEA is working closely with the community, all levels of government, business and the arts and creative sector to ensure the success and growth of the event.

SEA is committed to achieving cultural and community benefits through our work.


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