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SALT Festival 2019

The SALT Festival slogan “Anything is Possible” became a self-fulfilling prophecy in 2017, which was the inaugural event. In 2018 we doubled our numbers, and in 2019 we are going to make the impossible, possible again.

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SALT Festival provides a platform for artists, innovators, creators and visionaries to showcase their ideas and interact with each other and the wider community.

“At the 2017 and 2018 festivals events sold out, art sold out, people filled the streets and the venues, all expressing how inspired they felt by the contributors in the program”, said Jack Ritchie, Chairperson of Southern Eyre Arts who will host SALT 2019. “The Festival aims to encourage a culture that focuses on creating a sustainable future by caring for the planet, and recognising that astonishing things can happen when innovative people connect and we work together.”

In a comprehensive ten day programme in April, SALT Festival 2019 will stage a wide variety of music, performance, international stand-up comedy, visual arts, writing and innovation conferences.

SALT is the unique opportunity for a small slice of rural Australia to showcase to the world what creativity and ingenuity can forge. It is through the connection with artists, thinkers, doers and creators from around the country and the world, conversing on the Eyre Peninsula and engaging with the local equivalents the the magic truly happens. And the last two years have shown already that people are getting excited and engaged, with the numbers of both contributors and attendees doubling for each year. It started with 6500 attendees and 100 contributors, it grew to over 15,000 attendees and over 200 contributors, and now we look ahead to 2019 and we already have ideas flowing in. In order for us to successfully pull off the growth of the Festival to the next level, we need the help of contributors just like you, who are keen to see how we can make anything possible.

Donations will be used to finalise program costs and grow the 2019 audience offerings that will be curated by the SALT Festival team.

Your support is appreciated and will be recognised through our web and social media platforms.

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Southern Eyre Arts(SEA) is an incorporated not for profit organisation based in Port Lincoln, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.

SEA’s primary focus is on the development and delivery of SALT, an arts, innovation and conference festival that will be staged on an annual basis in the region and across the nation and the world through online platforms.

SALT is all about creativity and the role it plays in transforming the future and enriching the present.

SEA is working closely with the community, all levels of government, business and the arts and creative sector to ensure the success and growth of the event.

SEA is committed to achieving cultural and community benefits through our work.

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