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Song as a Sacred Pathway into Nature

1. Musical research in Armagh, Northern Ireland.
2. A composing residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Ireland.
3. Lunchtime concerts for the people in Australia.

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This project is to research “Song as a Sacred Pathway into Nature” in Armagh, Northern Ireland, then to compose music at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Ireland, and to give lunchtime concerts for the people in Australia.

The project is about the importance of song and nature, being part of nature through song. The work deserves to be funded because this concept is good for the future, for our own well being and survival as well as for the earth and nature. The work is also inter-faith.

I am requesting $1000 to help cover my costs of accommodation and costs like food and public transport. The end result will be an enthused and refreshed artist, new compositions, and concerts for the people of Australia. Visit sacredstage.com.au.

Donors will be sent project updates and details of concerts.


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Jacqui Rutten learned music as a child, from her mother, Mary Knights-Rutten. She was busking at 14 years old, then received a BP Award for her post-graduate studies in opera and music theatre. She furthered her musical education in Central Java, at Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia assisted by a government bursary (dharmasiswa) for one year and an Australia Council for the Arts grant.

Highlights have included singing as a soloist for the Victoria State Opera Youth Company, and live-to-air for Radio Republik Indonesia, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Jacqui was also a regular cantor at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for six years, and spoke about vocal composition and improvisation as a conference delegate at the international conference Composition in the 21st Century in 2014 at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.​

Jacqui’s compositions have been commissioned by Chamber Made Opera, ABC Radio, international festivals, and her vocal works have been performed for many concerts in churches, galleries, festivals, cathedrals, and for charity. In 2017 Jacqui was Composer in Residence at Montsalvat and in 2019 Jacqui returns to The Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Ireland, for a third residency.​


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