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Royal Conservatorium of the Hague

In April I auditioned for the Royal Conservatorium of the Hague in the Netherlands and was selected to study with Thies Roorda for a PreMasters course beginning in September 2018.

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In 2017 I graduated from a Bachelor of Music (honours class 1) at the University of Queensland. The PreMasters course I will undertake this year is a year long course which aims to prepare a student for Masters study. My sole purpose for the next 12 months is bettering my technique and playing, developing my understanding of the flute as an instrument and my body as the manipulator of it, maturing my sound and working on things I can’t even fathom yet.

As a part of this I will also be participating in a summer course with Thies Roorda in Italy in July to help set the stage for the year to come. My goal is to get to that Masters/Professional career standard of flute playing where I can use what I’ve learnt to collaborate with amazing musicians, win auditions with professional orchestras, teach better lessons and masterclasses and perform in amazing concerts.

In order to achieve these goals and reach a professional standard my contact hours with music will skyrocket in comparison to what they are here in Australia. My commitment to study in the Hague is helped by funding; not losing hours every day or week to work in order to pay bills allows me complete devotion to my craft, something I have never experienced while studying in Australia.

After the chairman had told me I had been accepted in the few minutes following my audition I expressed my gratitude, thanking them multiple times. He reassured me that the next year would not be easy and that it’s not just a free ride now, to which I responded that I had flown to The Netherlands with three weeks notice in order to audition for a conservatorium that I had been warned very well may not award me a spot. This is my whole life and I will and am giving it absolute everything I have.


Alex Huyghebaert





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Beginning her Bachelor studies in 2013, Alex Huyghebaert has involved herself in ensembles ranging from Symphony Orchestras to Jazz Trios.

Rehearsing and performing regularly with Queensland Wind Orchestra, UQ Symphony Orchestra, Queensland Youth Orchestra and having previous involvement with Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra and Pulse Chamber Orchestra, Alex continues to involve herself with more and more ensembles as she pursues a professional career.

Winning second runner up in the state finals of the 4MBS Young Virtuoso Award 2017, Miss Huyghebaert also proceeded to the finals of the James Carson Memorial Flute Prize, O’Brien Family Prize and the Donald Tugby Wind and Brass Prize in 2017 and 2016.

She showcases her passion for solo and chamber music having performed as guest soloist with UQ Winds Flute Choir and at lunch time and twilight concerts including those at the local AVEO in Taringa and Common Grounds in Southbank.

During her studies she also supports the UQ composers in concerts such as The Dust Never Settles at the UQ Art Museum 2017 and the QYO Chamber Concert 2016, performing works by Eleanor Brimblecombe and Heidi Chan.


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