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Riot Stage is holding a fundraising campaign in 2019 to keep our free youth ensemble going for another 18 months.

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Riot Stage is a Melbourne-based independent theatre company that brings together teenagers and professional artists to create new plays by and about the young people who perform them. Riot Stage is free to the young people who participate. We believe that the arts should be accessible to any young person who desires to take part.

Since our founding, Riot Stage has created performance works across Australia. We have participated in major festivals, nominated for awards, and received accolades from reviewers and audiences alike.

Since 2017, Moreland City council has funded weekly company training where Riot Stage gather and hone our ideas and performance skills. This has allowed us to work consistently with a group of young people over several years. However, the money that Moreland provides is not enough to fully fund us. Much of what Riot Stage does still requires artists and producers to volunteer large quantities of time and resources. This campaign will allow us to raise enough money to fully fund Riot Stage for another 18 months. This means we will have enough money to pay our professional artists and producers for their time, as well as funds to buy materials for our work (sound equipment, props, administrative supplies).

Riot Stage has secured MATCH funding through Creative Partnerships Australia so every dollar you donate will be matched by CPA. So if you donate $25 we get $50!

We would love for you to contribute to our campaign so we can continue our free ensemble for the next 18 months. You donation through the Australian Cultural Fund is tax deductible.

We often get asked: “What don’t you just charge the kids money?” But we know this creates barriers, and we firmly believe that the work is better when everyone is there simply because they want to be. So we have always made Riot Stage free. This means a community of adults comes together to make this possible. Through a combination of government funding, in kind venue hire, private donations from people who have the means, and lots of donated time from artists, Riot Stage has always been free for any young person to join.

The operational costs of the Riot Stage ensemble are very low. The per year cost of running ensemble is $9,000. This means, if we were to charge participation fees for the young people in the ensemble it would amount to $187.50 per person, per term. If you donate just $100, with MATCH funding that covers the cost of a young person for one term of Riot Stage.

All funds raised will go towards administration, artist fees, supplies for rehearsals, and marketing.

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Riot Stage is a Melbourne-based independent theatre company that creates original multi-disciplinary performances with teenagers for adult audiences. Riot Stage aims to bring together innovative professional theatremakers with brave young artists who are interested in live performance. The result is work that is audacious, effortlessly intertextual, and anchored in the unique perspectives of the next generation. Riot Stage aims to be an incubator for the diverse artists of tomorrow, a breeding-ground for contemporary storytelling, and at the vanguard of new ways of theatre-making.


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