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Redemption – the Movie 2017

Values of an Indian father as a migrant in Australia are in conflict with his young daughter, Zoya. She runs away from one hell to land in another. With spine chilling twists, abused turns abuser!

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Redemption is a full-length Australian-Indian independent film where fear, lust, abuse, revenge, betrayal and above all love comes together in a twisted psychological crime thriller.

Did you know that about 35,000 Australians go missing every year? I was inspired by horror stories in the media of girls held in captivity and created a fictional story where the dynamics of the characters provide a unique touch to the denouement.

In the backdrop of this crime thriller movie are life issues of friction between traditions and cultures in a new land, influences of friends in social media, and resilience required in a fast changing world.

For many of us in the Redemption team, it is our first full length feature film and so this has been a tough ride from the start . However, we are very proud and passionate about what we are creating and have not spared any effort in making Redemption a high quality film. The team I had for the film was motivated and talented.

Redemption is a micro budget feature film. All expenses to shoot the film so far has been sourced from personal savings and paid to the cast and crew i.e. approx 90% of the budget has already been paid.

The film is almost complete.

Your donation will be used for finalising the film and marketing and distribution. Without this, we cannot bring it to our audience. The minimum expenses are as follows:
Marketing resources and materials $5,000 and
Sending to film festivals $1,000.

Please check out our Facebook page… https://www.facebook.com/RedemptionMovie2017/ and share and like it!


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I am an Australian independent film maker – writer, director and producer.

To date I have made six short films, three of which were successful at various film festivals. I am about to complete my first feature film ‘Redemption’ – a psychological crime thriller.


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