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RECURRENCE will be a live-looped hip-hop song-cycle, incorporating beat-box, spoken word, memoir, and comedy, to be performed worldwide throughout 2018, accompanied by a free-to-download album.

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For these last several cycles of our planet around the sun, I have circumnavigated the globe performing live acapella compositions, with just a loop-pedal and a voice.

Initially I feared that that music composed of repeating loops might be too simple or predictable. Through exploration and experimentation, I noticed that repetition is at the core of all music. I began to wonder; why do we find recurring patterns so compelling? I started to see patterns in everything; patterns that I am within, and patterns that are within me. I began to read the science; from cells to galaxies, from history to our heartbeats, from cognition to culture, our universe and our lives are governed by sequences of events that repeat through time and space. The loop-pedal is the perfect demonstration of, and metaphor for, this phenomenon.

Our uniquely human aptitude for recognising and creating or breaking patterns, empowers us to learn, to endure, and to change ourselves and our society. Through repetition we create the habits that make us who we are. We have evolved to seek patterns, to the point where we will see them even where they don’t exist. This cognitive bias is theoretically the basis of both superstition and comedy. Conversely, when we fail to recognise patterns, we doom ourselves to repeat our history, as individuals and a species.

Recurrence will be researched-based, referencing the work of some of the worlds most influential scientists and researchers. References, further reading, beatbox tutorials and other free resources will be provided through the associated website.

Recurrence will be performed at festivals and gigs worldwide throughout 2018 and beyond. Your contribution will help me create the album, and offer it free for all to access.

All contributions above $2 are tax deductible through the ACF and, thanks to Creative Partnerships Australia’s MATCH Lab program, your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar, doubling your impact on this project.
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Ross Vegas has been creating circus and spectacle shows worldwide for twenty-five years. Cutting his teeth on the streets of Amsterdam and Edinburgh, his travels have seen him perform for the president of Singapore, create a very French Macbeth with a Parisian spectacle theatre company, and entertain hundreds of thousands of Chinese people at the World Expo in Shanghai.

He started Bizircus, and amongst countless shows and tours with the company, wrote and performed street theatre shows Boyzircus and Boglap, both commissioned by PIAF. In 2010 he collaborated with the National Institute of Dramatic Arts and Legs on the Wall, to create Bio-Rhythmic. In 2011 he represented Australia at the Street Performing World Championships in Dublin. He recently toured his latest solo work Running on Stilts to the Canadian fringe festival circuit.


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