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Record Great Barrier Reef Symphony

Full-recording of the Great Barrier Reef Symphony- 42 min work to be conducted by Maestro Alexander Walker- Royal Academy London. The work was written with RADF support from Mackay Regional Council

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This symphony was inspired after the composer had completed a stint working as a dive-master on Hardy Reef. He researched the annals of the National Library and discovered no symphony so themed had been written.

The composer received RADF funding from Mackay Regional Council to write and publish the work. To date, an opportunity to record the work was beyond financial reach; however, in the subsequent years, the composer has developed close ties with Fine Arts entities in NY and in Europe. He is currently having some ballet excerpts recorded by Musica-Viva Moscow under the baton of Royal Music’s Maestro Alexander Walker. Whilst on a recent pre-recording visit to London, the GBR symphony score was handed to Alexander and the composer relayed his intention to secure funding to record.

The Great Barrier Reef Symphony represents an iconic feature of Australia and its recording facilitates “proof of concept” as a precursor for the world wide live premiere of the work.

Maestro Alexander Walker has led some of Europe’s most prestigious orchestras including the London Philharmonic and recording for the Royal Ballet. Recently he was awarded the prestigious Elgar medal for his services in promoting Elgar and other British composers in London. Alexander Walker has sighted the Great Barrier Reef Score and has indicated a positive interest to have the work realised as a world-class recording. In addition, contacts in the Ballet world in America; Ken Ludden have indicated interest with Australian based dance companies to use the recording as the soundtrack for an extravaganza.

Donations received will go directly towards the costs of recording the 42 min orchestral work including Director, Musicians and Sound Producers fees. Thank you for your support.

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I am a composer based in QLD who writes primarily orchestral and chamber music. In 2011, I premiered my first full-length ballet music Ballet of the Matryoshka Dolls in Bulgaria with Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra.

Currently I am collaborating with the Margot Fonteyn Ballet Academy NY to compose a full-length ballet work – Ne`:Roi

Recordings of a couple of scenes will be recorded by Musica Viva Orchestra Moscow in June 2017. Those recordings will back Miami Ballet principal Rainer Krenstetter at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 7-11 2017 Choreographers 74th Showcase.

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