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RCV’s post-pandemic prescription!

It’s vital to be viable after the virus. River City Voices builds on its brilliant first season and will overcome, emerging with a community celebratory ‘Come & Sing’ in Parramatta.

Days Left

River City Voices’ stunning first season of performances and community events in 2019 had us poised for great success. As western Sydney’s only auditioned, symphonic choir, our vision to become a permanent, integral player in the cultural landscape was being realised. From our first community ‘Come & Sing’ Carmina Burana and sold out Messiah in Parramatta, to an awesome performance as part of the ABC’s Sing Out Sydney, the momentum was building to take us forward. Our 2020 rehearsals had started with keen new choristers, beautiful music and plans for performances and commissioned works.

Then COVID-19 struck and it was all put on hold.

Undaunted, River City Voices has now mobilised to support and connect our staff, singers and musicians through virtual rehearsals, and strategised our operations to ride out this emergency period so we can return. And we will perform again, but we need your help to raise $8000 to relaunch our community ‘Come & Sing’ event in Parramatta when the stage lights turn on again

In a short time RCV has become a vital part of the cultural ecosystem of western Sydney. We’ve worked hard to establish a positive profile in the community and we want to perform again as soon as possible. We’re a small, agile organisation that can adapt quickly in these volatile times and our plans can be activated as soon as we’re told it’s safe.

Help us continue to provide opportunities to sing: ‘I love the idea it’s local people from the area. It’s new, exciting and has such potential’ ‘I don’t have to go to Sydney to sing!’ ‘I’m really relishing the chance to sing at the highest standards of choral excellence again’

….and opportunities to hear a live concert: ‘They’re already brilliant!’ ‘It’s wonderful that RCV is contributing to the real explosion of music and arts performance and representing the many different voices of the Western Sydney community’

….and opportunities to become part of our community: ‘I love the idea that it’s something in Parramatta; it’s going to be so good’

River City Voices will endure, and with your help the choir can celebrate the return of socialising together with an all-embracing, all-inclusive “Come & Sing” community event.

Help us be there for our singers and professional musicians, for our audiences and for our community in western Sydney.

Help us come back to share with you all the joy of singing glorious music.
We will recover. So help us be part of our community’s recovery.

Help us raise $8000 – and ‘Come & Sing’ with River City Voices – we give a voice to the community.

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Based in Parramatta, River City Voices is a brand new choral organisation established by Western Sydney arts practitioners, to meet the community’s demand for higher tier cultural organisations and performance events closer to home.

Led by renowned choral conductor Dr Sarah Penicka-Smith, a recent attendee at the prestigious Hart Institute for Women Conductors (Dallas Opera), our vision is to become a permanent player in the artistic landscape of western Sydney. How? Through presenting stylistically diverse and locally responsive programs, and facilitating community capacity building activities that improve musicianship, increase confidence, and promote greater access to the arts.


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