Queenscliffe Literary Festival

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Queenscliffe Literary Festival 2017

The Queenscliffe Literary Festival is an annual niche festival in the Borough of Queenscliff throughout May. It is entering its 3rd year, and has 4-5 single events over each weekend.

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Diversity, excellence, inspiration and engagement for both presenters and guests are the cornerstones of the Queenscliffe Literary Festival.

Its aim is to further develop the cultural community in the Borough of Queenscliffe through literature, in its many forms. It is a strong supporter of both aspiring writers, emerging and established authors and artists.

The program includes music, performance, fiction, non fiction, poetry, food and the environment, with local and invited artists.
It also aims to collaborate with the many local businesses and stakeholders in the Borough of Queenscliffe.

Our project is very important, as we are a small community, with a largely elderly, educated demographic, many of whom would otherwise not be able to have this cultural experience. It is a very supportive community, and has shown strong enthusiasm for the festival.

The Queenscliffe Literary Festival is a draw card also for the many businesses that rely on tourism; accommodation, restaurants, wineries, and the Borough of Queenscliffe.

Each year the aim is to build on the success of the previous year, and to also embed the festival as an annual event in the community.

All contributions to our festival are very much appreciated.
We hope that you’ll consider supporting our festival and in doing so, support an important event.

Your generous support will assist with:
1. Three Writers Workshops, a first time for the festival, due to popular demand. The Workshops will cover Crime Writing, Teen Fiction and Literary Fiction.
2.Transport for the Kids Day to enable the three participating schools, kindergarten, and Day Care Centre to be at one location.
This will also support the Kids Day remaining as a FREE EVENT.
The FREE full day incursion program Kids Day, which involves the whole school communities from the 3 local primary schools, the kindergarten and day care centre, families, and more broadly, the wider community has proven to be of immense benefit to the children, with activities provided by the nine guest authors, in the one location.
3. Pay authors/presenters for a Live Debate, which is also a first for the festival.

A niche literary festival in the Boroughe of Queenscliffe.

Supporting new and established authors, and including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, performance, art and food.

A strong emphasis on children’s literature with a dedicated Kids Day featuring nine authors for the three primary schools and kindergarten in the Boroughe of Queenscliffe on one day in one venue.

There is also a strong emphasis on local participation both in performance and stakeholders.


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