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Program of new musical works

I seek support to enable me to create a series of new classical works of music: a piece for symphony orchestra,; music for cello and piano; works of chamber and vocal music.

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I am a composer of contemporary art music and have worked extensively in the areas of orchestral, chamber and choral music as well as opera and song, in Australia and overseas. I am hoping to complete a program of new works during 2019 that will include works for orchestra, a singer, and chamber ensembles including a cello and piano duo.

There is an interest in new works among audiences and performers but funding for the creation of such is increasingly difficult. My orchestral work will be a contribution to the broader repertoire; the cello and piano work will be a set of short pieces that can be performed altogether or as individual movements, and will contain a graded range of technical challenges. The songs will be on texts that reflect some of Australia’s cultural diversity.

The donations will serve to pay my fee for the works as calculated at the going rate for a composer of my experience, and to cover sundry costs such as travel to meet with performers if necessary, and professional formatting and part copying.

Further information my work is available at www.gordonkerry.wordpress.com

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Gordon Kerry’s recent compositions include ‘Snow White and other Grimm Tales’ (with libretto by John Kinsella) for Opera Scholars Australia, new works for Musica Viva Australia (whose featured composer he was in 2012), Syzygy Ensemble, Plexus, Melbourne Chamber Orchestra and ANAM.

He held the Ian Potter Established Composer Fellowship in 2009-2011, composing new pieces for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Bendigo Symphony and the opera ‘Midnight Son’ (with Louis Nowra) for Victorian Opera. His first opera, ‘Medea’ (with Justin Macdonnell) for Chamber Made has been staged on three continents.

He has composed numerous works of chamber music, concertos and other symphonic works for ensembles in Australia and Europe, as well as songs and solo instrumental music, and choral works including an Australian completion of Mozart’s Requiem for the ABC in 2006.

He has held several residencies, most recently with the Australian National Academy of Music.

He lives in northeastern Victoria and has worked with music organisations there and in other non-metropolitan regions. He writes extensively about music, notably in his book ‘New Classical Music: Composing Australia’ (UNSW Press).


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