Buluuy Mirrii

Community Arts & Cultural Development

Unique professional development chance

Enterprise Australia, CEA Fashion360, Australia’s only fashion accelerator will provide training, workspace, technical services, mentoring and networks to develop and sustain my creative business.

Days Left

Collaborating with local Aboriginal artists, storytellers, designers and musicians, my haute couture garments have been showcased around the world: Highlights include: Cannes 2018, Plitz New York Fashion Week 2017, Canada 2017; Eastgardens Runway for NAIDOC, Melbourne 2016; TV Week Logie Awards 2015 & 2016 – Buluuy Mirri designs worn by Shareena Clanton and Samantha Harris, Alice Springs 2014; 2018 Emerging Creative Talent at the NSW Creative Achievement Awards; 2018 UNE Smart Region Incubators Founder.

“Buluuy Mirrii’s vision is to create a sustainable business creating positive outcomes for the Indigenous community of collaborators, including the Myay Mirrii’s youth development program.

Funding will help me attend the only Fashion Accelerator in Australia, providing development support, fashion business mentoring, masterclasses and workspace to develop and design a body of work. Funds will help me to travel to Brisbane weekly over 24 weeks, accommodation for 3-4 days a week.

This project will establish clear business strategies and transform my creative business into a sustainable business. It will potentially propel my career globally, offer first-hand information and experiences from fashion industry experts and world class mentors, and prepare me to be market-ready. It will enable me to present my collection to a curated panel of fashion industry leaders. I am unveiling the Gomeroi culture thus raising the reputation of Australian First Nation’s people by including Gomeroi music, art and language at global runways.

You are not just helping me; you are helping a whole community: Potentially, as my own business grows, are the ability to continue the Miyay Mirrii program creating positive outcomes and clear pathways into the fashion industry for young Aboriginal people. A number of Tamworth participants recently won the Aboriginal model search in the local and state categories, demonstrating the success of the program.

$2,900 will fund the shortfall.

Donations will be used to purchase flights Tamworth – Brisbane, pay for accommodation or purchase materials for the creation of a body of work whilst in residency.

Your funding will assist a rural Gomeroi Designer gain formal training to establish a fashion house in rural NSW and develop a regional workforce building up young Gomeroi people’s capacity.

Links to my work:
Buluuy Mirrii website www.buluuymirrii.com
Buluuy Mirrii Youtube channel www.youtube.com/channel/UCDdPx4WBOm0NTEa1_51TPWQ
Buluuy Mirrii youth development www.buluuymirrii.com/buluuy-mirrii-youth-development
Facebook www.facebook.com/miyaymirrii
Twitter https://twitter.com/search?q=buluuy%20mirrii&src=typd
Linkedin www.linkedin.com/pulse/designer-buluuy-mirrii-colleen-tighe-johnson
Pictagram www.thepictaram.club/instagram/colleen.tighe.johnson
Deskgram https://deskgram.org/buluuy_mirrii
Instagram www.instagram.com/buluuy_mirrii/

You can contact me directly buluuymirrii@hotmail.com

Colleen Tighe Johnson is an Australian Aboriginal fashion designer who uses her talents to harness the spirit of her ancestors and revive Gomeroi Dreaming Stories through her label, Buluuy Mirrii (Black Star in her Gomeroi language).

Colleen’s work creates cultural story within her designs – unique commissioned Gomeroi artworks are printed onto luxury fabrics and used to design one-off garments showcased on her runways. Her models are drawn from the not-for-profit Buluuy Mirrii Youth Development program, taking young Aboriginal people from their home towns to the international stage.

Between 2015 – 2017, Colleen’s designs have been featured on international runways in Melbourne, New Zealand, Canada and New York Fashion Week 2017. As a label, Buluuy Mirrii promotes and revives important aspects of traditional Gomeroi culture within each runway show. The stories behind the fabrics and designs are outlined in the event program, allowing the international fashion audience to learn some of Gomeroi cultural richness.

Her impact in her home community is extensive. The Buluuy Mirrii Youth Program embodies Colleen’s passion for youth development and through it, the business is delivering positive economic consequences for the community.